8 Ways To Pamper Your Dogs On Valentine's Day
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8 Ways To Pamper Your Dogs On Valentine's Day

Check out these 8 paw-some ways to treat your pet for Valentine's Day.

8 Ways To Pamper Your Dogs On Valentine's Day
Photo by La Miko on Pexels

Pets are more than companions and housemates who never pay rent and eat all your food. They are our family, our best friends, and the creature we are willing to share our dinner with. On Valentine's Day, we tend to serenade and memorialize our relationships with our friends, significant others, and family members. However, many people forget to treat their dog(s), and pets at large, on Valentine's Day.

These furry friends lay at the end of our beds at night. They are the happiest things on the planet when they see us come home from work, often with a toy in their mouths and rapid wag of their tail. Dogs love us more than they love themselves. (Of course, they may love bacon more than us...but that's debatable.) Anyhow, dogs hold a central place in their pet-owners' lives; therefore, they should be treated on this holiday dedicated to love.

If you want to pamper your dog this year, here are some fun ideas to make the day special for them (and you).

1. Give your furry friend a special treat for Valentine's Day.

There are tons of options to treat your pet with. You could follow a homemade recipe and whip up some dog bones from scratch in your kitchen! You could pick up a batch of homemade dog treats from your local pet bakery. Moreover, you could simply buy your pet some vanilla ice cream from the local creamery and give them the cool treat. Regular dog bones and raw hides are definitely options as well. You choose the best treat for your dog based on their preferences and your accessibility to products!

2. Take your pet to the dog park to get some exercise and have fun with other furry friends.

If you do not have a dog park, you could always try the normal park in your area.

3. Go for a walk.

What dog doesn't like a nice walk around the neighborhood? In fact, most dogs are more than willing to walk in all conditions, even if it's cold outside.

4. Take them on a long car ride.

Let them hang their head out of the car window and enjoy the breeze on their face.

5. Just as you'd buy your significant other flowers and chocolates, purchase a new plush toy for your puppy.

Do you know what would make the experience even more enjoyable for your dog? Take your pet to the store with you to pick the toy out!

6. Do some arts and crafts with your pet.

You could paint with your dog by dipping their paw in paint and carefully placing it on a canvas. Another way to paint with you pal is to cover a canvas with paint, and then put that canvas in a ziplock bag covered in peanut butter. Simply let your dog lick the peanut butter off the bag, consequently causing the paint to smear. Another project you could make is a ceramic mold of their paw print. All you need is a kit from your local craft store.

7. Arrange a play date with their puppy friends.

Who doesn't love hanging out with their friends on a holiday? I bet your pup will love it.

8. Shower them with extra love and kisses.

As simple as it sounds, our pets just want to feel appreciated and cared for. Attention is the best way to accomplish this.

I hope this article gives you some ideas on how to pamper your pet this Valentine's Day!

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