7 Tips To Survive A Cross Country Road Trip
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7 Tips To Survive A Cross Country Road Trip

32 hours, 4 days, and a lot of miles.

7 Tips To Survive A Cross Country Road Trip

My husband and I recently made the trek of driving cross country. Thirty-two hours, four days of driving, and a lot of miles. You could say it was a long couple of days.It actually was a really great experience! I’ve never driven across the country before, so I thought it was fun! Reflecting on the trip, I’ve come up with a few things that I learned.

1. Podcasts change lives

Nothing helps pass the time more than a podcast. There are SO many options out there for podcasts on Spotify, Apple Music, or Podcasts apps. For the Bachelor fans out there, several Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants have started their own podcasts (Off the Vine, Almost Famous, Babes & Babies). They normally talk about the Bachelor and their thoughts about it, which I really enjoy.The murder mystery podcasts are also really interesting!

2. It’s OK to put headphones in and not talk to the other person in the car

Thirty-two hours in the car is a LONG time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, but after driving in traffic you need to just put in your headphones and chill. I would watch Netflix shows, which also helped the time pass.

3. Safety first (don’t drive in what you’re not comfortable in)

On our journey, we hit a snow storm in Nebraska. It almost got to the point where we would have to pull over and continue our journey the next day.Fortunately, we got out of the storm and made it safely to our destination. It’s important though to not push the limits and be safe.Your life isn’t worth getting to your destination a day sooner.

4. Snacks

You don’t want to make more stops than you have to, especially since you just want to get to your next stop. Having snacks cuts down these stops, plus it saves you money!

5. Keep gas above half tank

You never know where the next gas station will be, especially when you’re in Nebraska. We tried to keep the gas above half tank, just to be safe. I would NOT want to be stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

6. Utah drivers are kind of the worst

This isn’t about every Utah driver, but most of them really are terrible at driving. When driving in Utah, we were cut off frequently, almost hit by a couple cars, and it just seems like no one is paying attention when driving. Luckily, we survived to tell the tale.

7. Make the trip fun

The drive is long and can get really boring. It’s important to keep it fun and enjoy the days. It could be going to a favorite place for lunch, stopping to look at the view, or doing a “touristy” thing you see along the way! Make some great memories on the trip!

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