7 Reasons Why Ben Carson Would Have Been A Great President
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7 Reasons Why Ben Carson Would Have Been A Great President

Not really.

7 Reasons Why Ben Carson Would Have Been A Great President

As of Friday, March 4th, Dr. Ben Carson has ended his campaign for President of the United States. Many people around the country are understandably upset about this development as he was arguably the most qualified candidate on either the Republican or Democratic side. In order to fully appreciate the exuberant character of Ben Carson, a top ten list of his best presidential qualities is needed. This is in no particular order as all of these qualities mesh together to form the perfect storm for president.

7. His stances on homosexuality and gay marriage are brilliant and well thought out.

Ben Carson is not a proponent of gay marriage. Which can be somewhat understandable. However, his logic for not being one is shown below, and honestly, it's hard to argue with because it would mean stooping to an unbelievable level of stupidity.

6. His electric personality and excitable demeanor would have brought the country together.

Ben Carson would have probably been the most uninspiring commander-in-chief the United States had ever seen. Watching him during debates and in interviews puts audience members to sleep as he speaks with a low voice in a monotone and his face is always calm and shows no emotions. Not to mention the fact that he stutters a lot and often closes his eyes when he speaks. Here is a clip from SNL making fun of how boring and uninspiring a person he is:

5. He has a firm grasp on how to deal with the mass-shooting problem plaguing the United States.

Mass shootings have become an epidemic in the United States in recent years. Ben Carson suggests that the best way to deal with them is for the victims to charge at shooters so they don't kill everyone. Saying things like he "wouldn't stand there and let them [the shooter] shoot me," insinuating that the victims are at fault and making it seem like this issue is that easy to solve. Below, in one of the quotes, Carson politicizes the issue of mass shootings by saying that controlling guns is worse than people dying from these mass shootings. It's amazing how ignorant a person can be.

Actual Carson quote on the issue:

“There is no doubt that this senseless violence is breathtaking – but I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away. Serious people seek serious solutions.”

4. He's a history buff and uses past American leaders as inspirations in his arguments.

Ben Carson loves to quote historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Joesph Stalin, and Noah Webster in arguing his positions on many different issues. However, like many other candidates (but on a worse scale) Carson commonly misquotes these figures to further his own argument. For example, here is a video where it is clear that Carson has no idea what he is saying when trying to quote Thomas Jefferson (at 1:19). He also commonly quotes Daniel Webster in his defense on gun control, when in reality he is trying to quote Noah Webster and does not realize he is using the wrong name. As for Joseph Stalin, this video shows that he quoted something meant to be a meme.

3. The way he criticizes Obamacare and what his plans for healthcare would be instead are articulate and succinct.

As shown in the video below, Ben Carson says that Obamacare is "is really the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery." This comparison is a way out of line and completely inaccurate, an attempt by him to alienate people from the government supported healthcare program. His suggestion instead is for people to have "Health Empowerment Accounts" which are basically glorified tax-free savings accounts (which people can already open) to put money in until insurance deductibles are met (which probably won't happen).

2. He fundamentally understands the concept of race and would work to prevent systematic racism present in the U.S. today.

Ben Carson refuses to address the issue of systemic racism in America today, but recently he commented on the fact that he feels that Obama can't identify with Black Americans because he was "raised white," saying “for him to, you know, claim that, you know, he identifies with the experiences of Black Americans, I think, is a bit of a stretch.” No, Ben Carson, what you're saying is a bit of a stretch. Here's a clip on the issue, and an excellent article on the issue too.

1. He in no way, shape, or form would allow his belief in fundamental Christianity affect how he makes a decision as president.

Ben Carson is a Christian and allows that allegiance to shape how he feels on a lot of issues; most of these feelings are illogical. For example, he believes that being gay is a choice, that Muslim refugees should not be allowed in the United States, that a Muslim should never be president, that the biblical Joseph built the pyramids to store grain, that the Big Bang theory is a "fairy tale," and many more questionable things. In the clip below, Carson talks about his concern of having a Muslim president. While these do not all necessarily affect specific policy decision, it still shows that he's irrational and could never be a good president.

Either way, we don't have to worry about this man being president, at least this election cycle.

R.I.P. Ben Carson's Campaign


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