7 College Hacks From A Fifth Year Senior
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7 College Hacks From A Fifth Year Senior

How to survive college from someone who made a career out of attending college

7 College Hacks From A Fifth Year Senior

College. Is. Hard. Can I get an amen? Lucky for you, I have years of experience as a college student (five to be exact). I could say that the reason I have taken so long to graduate is because I have selflessly dedicated my entire college education to find every possible college hack to help save future and current college students time and money all while maintaining their emotional well-being... but in reality, I am just really indecisive.

1. If you aren't sure what you want to major in, take gen-eds FIRST

Gen-ed's are the classes that all colleges require you to take that have nothing to do with your degree, but that you are required to take to get your degree. It makes so much sense, right? No.

My advice to all of the incoming freshmen that haven't had their entire life planned out since the second grade and have no clue what they want to major in... claim your major as "undecided". This way your advisor isn't throwing you into pre-reqs for nursing your freshman and sophomore year just for you to end up deciding junior year that you actually want to be a journalist *cough cough* I did that.


Oh frat parties how I do not miss you. I can guarantee you will come across a mystery punch at a frat party or any party for that matter. A punch that tastes oh-so-good, but the oh-so-many-regrets you'll have in the morning when you experience the worst hangover of your life.

Trust me when I say don't drink it, but if you like to live life on the edge drink it slowly. This concoction has a way of tasting like your favorite childhood Kool-aid without the harsh aftertaste of alcohol... which is exactly why it's so dangerous. My tip: drink at your own risk.

3. Rate My Professors saved my life

Rate My Professors is literally the best thing ever. You just search a professor's name and students that have had the professor give tips on how to pass the class. The students also rate the professor's overall quality and DIFFICULTY. If the professor's quality is 5.0 and their difficulty is 1.0, you my friend have just found a class that is an easy A.

4. Avoid 8ams at all costs

I know what you're thinking. "I got this! 8am? That's nothing, I was at school at 7:30 every morning in high school *hair flip*." That's true, but Tammy from Phi Gamma Omega-3 (or whatever) didn't invite you to karaoke at 10pm on a school night every week in high school, BUT Tammy will invite you now, and you will cave and you will not get home until at least 2am every freakin' time.

So, if you have a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out), then I highly discourage an 8am unless you absolutely need it for your major.

5. A doctor's note a day keeps the absences away!

I am not saying I've done it and I am not saying I encourage this, but I am saying that desperate times call for desperate measures. Let's say hypothetically you slept through a test. No worries... just go to your local urgent care (it'll cost $30 per visit... rough estimate) and literally come up with some type of sickness (I think I have a concussion, I think I have a deviated septum, etc). Your doctor may think you are a hypochondriac, but they will still write you a doctor's note at the end of the visit and you, my friend, will be able to retake that test.

6. Recycle, recycle, recycle

Whether that be buying textbooks from a student for a way cheaper price, selling your textbooks for a way cheaper price, wearing the same leggings two (maybe three) days in a row, saving any and every leftovers you have from a restaurant, leaving your parking ticket on your windshield for a month or so to prevent getting another one... recycling has its benefits. Do it, and do it with your head held high because you are saving the environment.

7. Get a work study job!!!!!!!

I have a work study job where I am paid $9 an hour to literally watch Netflix and do homework with the occasional and rare "what can I help you with" when someone needs my assistance. In fact, I am technically getting paid to write this article because I am sitting at my work study job right now as I am writing.

So yes... college is hard, but if you persevere and outsmart the system by using these hacks, then you might just get through college faster than I did.

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