7 Attainable Goals For The New Year
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7 Attainable Goals For The New Year

Don't completely change just because the clock strikes midnight.

7 Attainable Goals For The New Year

The new year can be a time for change, personal growth and success. But it can also be a time where we feel pressured to completely change who we are for the sake of the saying, "new year, new me."

If we are being honest, the new year doesn't do anything besides confuse us as we write the date for the first few months. While we all want to be better, do better and feel better about ourselves, this is not something that should be dictated by the new year. However, it does give us an excuse to try to change some of those bad habits. New Years' resolutions tend to be big and dramatic, never fully sticking for most. But here are 7 attainable goals for the new year that will hopefully stick a little better.

1. Drink more water

It is good for you and your skin, and will make you feel better. It keeps you hydrated throughout the day and never makes you feel bloated. Replacing a drink like soda with water for my meals has been a small change that makes me feel better about myself and less guilty those few times I do want to enjoy a soda.

2. Small acts of kindness

Hold the door open for someone, pay someone a compliment, say thank you more or greet the person next to your with a friendly hello or good morning. I am not saying to go and save the world with your new found kindness, but just striking up a conversation with the person making your sandwich will put both of you in a good mood. I can't even count the amount of times I have been feeling a little down and the man or woman making my lunch noticed, asked me how I was doing and gave me an extra pickle to brighten my day. I want to give more of this to others, and it is something that everyone can easily do.

3. Complain less

I LOVE to complain. It is how I get through situations I don't want to be in, studying for tests or doing homework. However, I know that this isn't good for me and probably annoying to those around me. In the new year, trying to make an effort to complain less and appreciate more is an easy fix to feeling better about yourself and make those around you more comfortable.

4. Exercise more

This is a classic goal but one that is truly important that I personally always push to the end of my list. No one really enjoys feeling tired, out of breath or in bad shape, but exercising is imperative to good health. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, if you have some extra time, take the long way to class to get those extra steps in or join a group class at your local gym. Being around others and having a commitment is what motivates me, so find what motivates you and try to make an extra effort to follow through with this one.

5. Stop caring so much about social media

I know that Instagram is important. Trust me, I want my feed to be aesthetically pleasing. I want people to think I live an exciting life. I want people to know I went on that cool vacation or was invited to that exclusive party. While wanting to show your best self to the world is okay to an extent, we need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to get the most likes, comments or followers.

I still care about what I post and get the approval of my friends beforehand, but I stopped caring about the amount of likes that I get, or if it is "prime-time" posting. It takes little steps but it definitely helps alive some of the stress put on by social media.

6. Make time for yourself

In college, there is hardly any time to yourself. As an adult who has children, there is probably even less time you have to yourself. Regardless, making time for yourself is a priority, despite how hard it may seem. This is where you can relax, form your own opinions, catch up, organize or do absolutely nothing. Being alone is not sad or depressing, but a time to reflect on who you really are and what matters to you.

7. Improve meaningful relationships

We all have those friends who are just friends of convenience, class friends, going out friends or random club friends. Instead of focusing on these surface-level friendships, try to develop more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with those who are most important to you. While it is great having a bunch of friends, it can get lonely when no one knows you for who you truly are. So focus on maintaining those relationships that help you grow as a person and not those that are friends of circumstance.

Remember that the New Year is not a time to completely change who you are, but improve on the foundation that you have already built. If there is something you truly do like like about yourself or that you realizes causes harm to you, but all means cut that source of negativity out of your life. But other than that, there is no need to get rid of your values and what means the most to you simply because we have made another full rotation around the sun. Small steps towards improvement are sustainable and won't make you feel overwhelmed when the clock strikes midnight. With that being said, have a happy and healthy new year!

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