6 Ways an ACCA Qualification Can Help You Get a Job
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6 Ways an ACCA Qualification Can Help You Get a Job

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6 Ways an ACCA Qualification Can Help You Get a Job

The need for highly skilled finance professionals is continuing to rise. Instead of employers accepting anybody for these roles, however, they’re seeking candidates with specific criteria. As it turns out, being a member of ACCA can help your career tremendously.

The financial field is filled with great opportunities to create a successful and rewarding career. No matter your career goals, it’s likely you can make them happen with a career in finance.

From analysts to tax professionals, finance managers to CFOs, there’s a role to fit almost any jobseeker’s path.

However, employers are having trouble finding exactly what they need from a candidate.

With roles and responsibilities shifting, financial professionals need to have a new set of skills and find jobs in an entirely different way than they’re used to.

The ACCA Institute in Abu Dhabi provides ACCA courses designed to upskill and help pass the ACCA exam and get certified successfully. Find out how an ACCA certification will elevate your job search and can help you land a job much faster.

  • Level-Up Your In-Demand Skills

Employers seek out highly skilled and trained financial professionals to fill their open positions.

By completing the ACCA certification, you can stand out among other job-seekers by showing off your elite skill set.

Employers aren’t just looking for a degree anymore. They’re looking for professionals that have a broader range of both technical and soft skills, such as business acumen and effective communication.

The ACCA syllabus accommodates employers’ needs and includes a diverse variety of topics. Professionals with the ACCA certification learn beyond what a traditional classroom provides.

Additional skills, like ethics and business acumen, help position you as the best candidate for a wide variety of jobs on the market today.

Employers value candidates with ACCA certifications because they have the skills needed to help grow the business.

  • Networking with professionals

One of the advantages of being a part of the world’s largest and quickly developing accountancy body is having the option to get in touch with lots of similar experts.

Indeed, even before you become a part of the ACCA community, there are numerous events everywhere across the world where you can meet with experienced finance professionals and business persons, giving you the opportunities of networking.

Furthermore, you can grow your ACCA network via LinkedIn – another extraordinary yet easy to use platform to coordinate with hiring professionals and managers.

  • Learning and polishing the in-demand skills

The primary concern of employers is to hire a highly skilled and certified finance professional to fill the vacant position. If you are already enrolled in the ACCA qualification, then you are good to go.

A relevant degree will help you in standing out from the crowd of job seekers by showing off your exceptional skill set.

Bear in mind that employers are not just looking for a certificate or a degree; they want to employ finance and accounting professionals who have a strong grip on both soft and technical skills.

Effective communication, decision making, and business acumen are some of the most crucial skills that are highly in-demand, and the ACCA course helps you in gaining these skills.

The ACCA syllabus is crafted to train future finance professionals and enable them to excel in a diverse variety of topics. It is a fact that professionals with ACCA certifications have the chance to learn concepts beyond the traditional classroom.

  • The top priority of the head hunters

’ Not all vacancies are publicized. You can search for jobs or get in touch with people in your network who can create one for you.

If you have the required skills and expertise in what you do, then managers are more likely to create a position for you as no one wants to miss on a competent resource.

Head hunters are usually looking for the ones having ACCA certifications for the accounting and finance departments.

’ In any case, it’s great to tell these individuals that you’re keen on working for them and drop your CV even though there isn’t a vacant position in the organization.

If your CV is well-crafted and highlights your achievements, then they may approach you later on.

Individual balanced visits to the different organizations to check if there are openings can likewise help, as can requesting help from family members through networking.

  • Broadening the career prospects

With ACCA certifications, the chances of getting the desired job and leading a fulfilling career are quite high.

Having an ACCA certification can help you in building a strong foundation for you to work on leadership roles in the businesses or even setting up a business.

Apart from this, finance and accounting departments are the backbones of any organization; thus, you have the chance to enter into any industry you want.

You don’t need to restrict yourself to one career route. Instead, let yourself enjoy the fun of having enormous flexibility that comes with a diverse range of relevant skills.

  • Staying updated with changing trends

Accounting and finance are the fields that are continuously evolving; you have to keep yourself up-to-date with administrative changes, new government and business frameworks, and the most recent accounting software.

A full-fledged ACCA course can help in keeping up with the pace. In addition to this, you should go the extra mile, buy into pro media sources, make a special effort to explore advancements, join the significant industry and expert gatherings on LinkedIn, engage with conversations to get what it needs to land a job.


It may seem like businesses are fixing up to recruit anybody with even a little information in accounts, don’t be tricked, employers need individuals with the perfect mix of abilities and skills.

The finance field is loaded up with incredible chances to make a successful career in any industry you like.

Employers are experiencing difficulty finding precisely what they need from a candidate.

Consider the tips mentioned above to get the desired job and don’t lose hope as failure is the stepping stone of success.

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