Nothing makes me jump out of my skin and makes my heart race more than the shrill of a smoke detector going off. Recently we had one go off in my apartment and I almost peed myself. No joke. We've all had the same experience when we're surprised with the screech of a smoke detector going off. Here is 6 thoughts we all have when our smoke detectors go off:

1. What the hell is that?

At first everyone is confused for a moment. What is that sound? Then it hits you...

2. Panic. Sheer and utter panic.

Your eyes widen, stomach drops, and heart starts racing. That sound is the smoke detector.

3. Oh my god something is burning!

Something is on fire. At this point everyone runs around the house trying to figure out what's on fire. Because why else would the detector be going off?

4. WHAT IS BURNING?!?!?!?!

Frustration. Pure and utter frustration that the thing that's on fire doesn't magically appear right in front of you. This is usually when you're screaming.

5. Oh my god we're all going to die.

Something is on fire. My house is gonna burn down. Everything will be ruined. I'm gonna be homeless and living on the streets with stray cats and I'll die of some weird disease because I'll be unemployed and have no health insurance.

6. Phew. That was close. (not really)

It just needed to have the batteries replaced. Crisis avoided. Now you can laugh at yourself.

At one point or another, the sound a smoke detector has made us all run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Which is terrifying at the moment but once you know everything is fine, it's pretty funny. Sometimes I wish I was on a reality TV show so these kinds of situations could be captured on camera and I could laugh at it later.