52 Songs To Get You Through The Bad Days
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52 Songs To Get You Through The Bad Days

A killer "bad day" playlist to help you get through the days when it feels as though nothing really matters.

52 Songs To Get You Through The Bad Days

If you're anything like me, you have someone in your life who just seeps optimism, or that happy person in someone else's life might even be you. No matter how much positivity you surround yourself with, bad days still happen to the best of us. These bad days will occur for many different reasons: family troubles, friendship or relationship drama, bad grades, trauma, etc. Whenever these bad days occur and for whatever reason, it is important to practice self care. One thing I like to do in order to get through the bad days is lay on my floor and listen to music. I enjoy listening to both slow and upbeat songs to help myself calm down, recharge, and keep going.

Here are 52 songs to add to your "bad days" playlist in order to get through the days when it feels as though nothing really matters.

Slow Jams

1. Colder Weather by Zach Brown Band

2. Life Ain't Always Beautiful by Gary Allan

3. Waves by Mr. Probz

4. I Drive Your Truck by Lee Brice

5. Hallelujah (American Idol Version) by Lee DeWyze

6. Drink A Beer by Luke Bryan

7. One Hell Of An Amen by Brantley Gilbert

8. Home by Blake Shelton

9. Broken by Lifehouse

10. The Climb by Miley Cyrus

11. I'm Already There by Lonestar

12. Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss

13. The Sound Of Silence by Disturbed

14. I'm With You by Avril Lavigne

15. Jesus, Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood

16. More Than This by One Direction

17. My Eyes Adored You by Jersey Boys

18. Warrior by Demi Lovato

19. Go The Distance from Hercules

20. Boston by Augustana

21. How To Save A Life by The Fray

22. Moments by Emerson Drive

23. Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw

24. Lips Of An Angel by Hinder

25. Invisible by Hunter Hayes

26. The Driver by Charles Kelley ft. Dierks Bentley & Eric Paslay

Upbeat Tunes

27. Miss Me by Andy Grammar

28. Where I'm From by Jason Michael Carrol

29. H.O.L.Y. by Florida Georgia Line

30. Boulevard of Broken Dreams & Wonderwall (mash-up) by Green Day ft. Oasis

31. Good To Be Alive by Andy Grammar

32. If You're Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows) by Rodney Atkins

33. California Sun by Corey Harper

34. Hold Us Together by Matt Maher

35. I'll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy

36. independence Day by Martina McBride

37. Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw

38. If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away by Justin Moore

39. On My Way by Phil Collins

40. Perfect by Simple Plan

41. Fight Song by Rachel Platten

42. A Little More by MGK & Victoria Monet

43. Highway Don't Care by Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift & Keith Urban

44. Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

45. I Won't Let Go by Rascal Flatts

46. It's A Great Day To Be Alive by Travis Tritt

47. Army by Ellie Goulding

48. 7 Years (cover) by Leah Guest

49. Rise Up by Andra Day

50. 3AM by Matchbox 20

51. Perth by Beirut

52. Sway (The Chainsmokers Remix) by Anna of the North

Bad days suck, but they don't last forever. I hope this diverse playlist helps you recoup from your sadness and brings a little spark of joy to your worst days. And always remember, this is also one of the best ways to take care of someone who is having a bad day or going through a difficult time:

Even the darkest nights will end and the sun will rise. - Les Miserables

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