5 TV Shows I Binged Watched Through The Toughest Times

5 TV Shows I Binged Watched Through The Toughest Times

Maybe they can help you too.

These are a few shows that I've loved watching when the going starts getting rough. Anything I've got going on, these few amazing stories and characters have comforted me. Hopefully, they can help you get through any tough times that you might be facing too.

1. Daria

This show was great for so many reasons. I really related to the main character while I was going through depression in high school. Daria is a teenage girl who is dealing with depression and anxiety but still maintaining a pretty good social and academic life. Still, she very much felt like an outsider especially when she had to move schools.

Her sister who is a lot more outgoing instantly became popular. I knew a lot of people but often felt like an outsider. Daria was also super smart and pretty monotoned. During this time I spoke without a tone inflection for a while. This show is incredibly funny and I love all the characters. Her best friend was also someone I really related to so check it out

2. Steven Universe

This show started on Cartoon Network a few years ago. Amazing seriously. It's about a boy named Steven who is half human and half crystal gem. A crystal gem is someone is who is human like but with special powers they get from their gem.The three my main gems are Pearl, Amythest, and my favorite Garnet. Garnet is not only my birthstone but is also voiced by a Estelle. The character has an amazing fro, #HairGoals.

I was going through my spiritual awakening when I found this show and was researching crystals and meditation which the show talks about. There's one song in particular called "Here Comes a Thought" from the episode "Mindful Education" sang by Garnet and another character. Last few things, the music on this show really good. Another plus, Steven plays the ukulele as do I. There's a theme here that I like characters I relate to.

3. Sex and the City

LOVE this show. The characters were all different versions of me, mainly Samantha and Carrie. Probably Carrie the most because who doesn't have a Mr. Big in their life? The show is also great because of how sexually liberated all the women were. Especially Samantha, she was iconic in her views of sex and relationships. They were really taboo but encouraging to women who'd rather have multiple partners than settle down with just one person. I did have to take a small break from the show because Carrie just seemed so immature in relationships. Or maybe I saw my reflection a little too much in her character, again a theme.

4. BoJack Horseman

By now you're realizing that I love animation. This show is very weird. It's based in a universe where animals and humans are equal in rights (mainly), the same size, and can procreate. I know it's wild but once you get over that the show is really great. The main character is a rich, alcoholic, D-List celebrity horse. He tries to maneuver through life by going back to acting while also dealing with his past emotional abuse and neglect as a child as it affects his present life.

Do I relate to BoJack? Yes in a way. I understand how he has a hard time showing love and affection to others because his childhood. He's really just a misunderstood and deeply hurt adult who needs help. The entire show is funny but gets deeper as it continues. Especially by the end of season 4. My only spoiler is that it was touching and I shed a tear or ten. Expect season 5 pretty soon on Netflix.

5. The Great British Baking Show

This is the show I am currently watching. It's a wholesome baking competition with three different challenges every episode. It seemed boring at first but you really get attached to the contestants. I've screamed at my laptop multiple times when my favorite won star baker that week, got snubbed, or sadly went home. WARNING: Do no, I repeat DO NOT watch this show on an empty stomach. Oh my goodness, it's such a tease. There was one episode where they made cakes and I went out at 3 AM to buy myself some cake. Yes I know, I have a problem.

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Poetry On Odyssey: Hustle and Bustle This Holiday Season

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