There is nothing that i love more than when I get a fresh set of nails. The smell, the feeling of just how cool they make you feel, and the way they can make an outfit pop! I feel naked without my nails, and find them hard to live without. Although life with claws is more difficult, it is way more fabulous, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

We can't pick things up

I'm not exaggerating this one. If you see someone with nails drop a coin/card/anything flat please help them out and pick it up. Picking up dropped items is almost impossible with nails, and so please please please help us out. If helping out is not your thing though we totally understand, just don't judge us when we drop something on the floor, look at it and decide we have to walk away from it. Were not littering, we just don't want to make a fol of ourselves trying 30,000 times to get it.

Back scratches are good but please don't make us

I am one of those people who HATE scratching other peoples back, its the sound, feeling and idea of their skin on my hands and under my nails (ew) and so with that being said just because we have fake nails does not mean we want to scratch your back.

Tapping on everything

I am one of those people who love to tap their nails, on the car, desk, and phone. I try my absolute best to only do it when I am alone and working in an area with noise. But with that if I am tapping and it annoys you i'm really sorry but I actually can't control it.

We have a secret language

We know that when we see someone with an amazing set that the secrets have to be shared from, dip, gel, fills, locations, who does what the best, everything. But we also know when to keep our mouths shut (because we don't want longer lines at the nail shop).

If we have a broken nail please don't say anything

I know for a fact that when someone points out a broken nail i feel SUPER called out. It's like if someone was to point out a big zit, and there's nothing you can do to fix it. Shops close at seven p.m. or earlier SO if you break a nail after that time then you have to wait and there is nothing you can do about it until they open the next day.

There is nothing like the love someone has for their nails, and us people with the claws know that love extremely well.

There are endless things that we could say about our nails from color, shape, place, and so on.

So for all the people judging us and our nail obsession: this is for you!