5 Struggles Of Being The Nerd In The Group Project

5 Struggles Of Being The Nerd In The Group Project

Harmless to professors, but a nerd's worst enemy.

Oh no. It's the dreaded group project.

Viewed as a ~harmless~ assignment by professors, but to nerds, group projects are their worst enemy.

And the struggles of these projects? They can rarely be avoided.

When you're the nerd of the group project...

1. Trying to find a time to meet with group members is a scary step that you don't want to, but have to initiate.


2. You are the only one who cares about the assignment in the group chat, or in life in general.


3. You will constantly try to turn your group members incorrect work into correct work on the Google Doc. in the most ~subtle~ of ways.


4. You group will pass, but deep down (or maybe not so deep down...) you know it was primarily your work that got your group there.


5. You know you would've been better off if you did the assignment by yourself, because here you are, still despising group projects.


So professors... let's chill with the group projects. It's time to take the socialization out of class, and leave it on the weekends where it belongs. Group projects only set back the students who are willing to passionately and independently learn.

I see you nerds, I see you.


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Save Me From Mysel-Poetry on Odyssey

We stopped looking up to heroes, when we became villains

No longer reflections of who we were as children


Save me from myself

I need you to

Save me from myself

I need you to

Save me from myself

I need you to

Save me from myself

I need you to

We stopped looking up to heroes, when we became villains

No longer reflections of who we were as children

Letting the drugs and alcohol control our minds

We don't live for the future, we live for the night

Give me a different story then what is on the front page

One kid getting shot another one blows out his brains

Then everybody posts a picture acting like they care

Before they gave up on the world tell me who the hell was there

We don't show love till they ain't alive to see it

Lost so many lives, and for what reason

I would rather see my flowers now then laid on my grave

Write for a better tomorrow but what more can I say

It hurts knowing people hate the life they live

Afraid to be themselves, within their own skin

So they leave behind their flesh and ascend in the sky

Rest in peace to the angels who still get asked why

Save me from myself

I need you to

Save me from myself

I need you to

Save me from myself

I need you to

Save me from myself

I need you to

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A New Years Resolution Must PART 2


**If you haven't read, A New Years Resolution Must, I wouldd take a peek at that real quick before you get too into this because it will make MUCH more sense :)

Quick thought before I get to the main point of my article:

I really really enjoyed the 25 Days of Kindness Cards and I definitely want to do something similar again in some way shape or form. I have not decided yet but in scrolling through some of the older articles I've written, I remembered what I wrote this past year for Lent. In 10 Things To Give Up For Lent Other Than That Favorite Candy Bar, I talked about writing letters to different people. My original plan was to write 40 letters, one for each day of Lent. It failed miserably. 40 is a lot! But I definitely think approaching that in the same way I wrote the 25 Days of Kindness Cards will be a better way to spend some time in reflection, not just during Lent, but during any point of the year. You don't just have to write a letter. You can just send the little quotes of kindness. Leave them in random people's mailboxes or slip them under a door or leave them on a bus seat or a park bench. You never know who'll need it.

NOT THAT LENT IS ANYTIME SOON... I don't want to rush the seasons. Just a thought or two to get you thinking if you were considering taking on something like this. Or maybe to get you thinking :)

Okay, now to the real point:

In keeping with the theme of my last article-spreading little bits of kindness all over-I wanted to share with everyone the 18 different kindness quotes that I put in each of the 25 Days of Kindness Cards. Like I said in the little blerb before, you don't even have to write a letter. Print these out and spread them out in your dorm building, across campus, or any other place you can think of. Save them and text a different one to a different person each day. Maybe these will be the few that get you going on your small acts of kindness journey!

How do we change the world? "One random act of kindness at a time"

Surprising Effects Of Kindness


You will never regret being kind


May every word that is ever spoken by our mouths or typed by our fingers be words that lift up and never words that tear down


Be good to people. You will be remembered more for your kindness than any level of success you could possibly attain. 


Kindness begins with me


Kindness is like snow-It beautifies everything it covers. 


Do small things with great love.  (Couldn't not put this one in there :) ) 


Kindness is not an act. It is a lifestyle. 


Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person's life. 


One kind word can change someone's entire day


Kindness is free. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere. 


Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. 


Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. 


Be silly. Be honest. BE KIND. 


Be the reason someone smiles today. 


A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions. And the roots spring up and make new trees.


You never know what light you might spark in others just through your kindness and your example. 


I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay... small acts of kindness and love. 


Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.


Choose kind over cool. 


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