5 Stereotypes About Greek Life That Are Completely NOT True

5 Stereotypes About Greek Life That Are Completely NOT True

"All Greek Life does is party"

1. "All Greek life does is party"

Contrary to very popular belief this is indeed false. College kids in general party, it happens, but it’s not fair to categorize a group of great college kids as party animals. The sole purpose for many sororities and fraternities is to celebrate a special bond together such as sisterhood or brotherhood. Another big aspect of Greek life is to support the org’s philanthropy. A lot of people don’t know fraternities and sororities each have their own organization that they volunteer with and fundraise for all year. This fundraising can take many hours and a lot of the times the philanthropy events take place on weekends as well, leaving no time to party and only time for the orgs to give back to their community. If anything, Greek orgs are some of the most generous organizations on campus.

2. You have to be good looking to “get in”

False. There are no ratings of photos or appearance during the behind the scenes of Rush week or recruitment like the movies. The only reason a photo is required during the joining process is so that active members can put a name to a face. During recruitment/rush, the only thing potential new members are rated on is who they are on the inside. There are so many different people involved in Greek life there is no point in being biased on choosing members based off looks nor is there any tolerance for it. We all come from different backgrounds, the only similarity in looks we have are our T-shirts we wear on bid day.

3. All of Greek life “hooks up” with each other

False. First off, yes, some sorority girls and fraternity boys do end up dating, and it's totally normal, that’s just one way people meet like any other college student might meet someone in class and end up dating, totally normal. However, all of Greek life does spend a significant amount of time together whether it be at mixers/socials or supporting each other's philanthropy events. So, yes, sororities and fraternities do have a close bond but not the kind that a lot of people assume, we’re all more just like one big family.

4. People in Greek life have low GPA’s and get to stay in their org anyways

False. It is hard for all college students to maintain a high GPA, however, it is very important for those in Greek life to maintain their chapter's GPA in order to stay an active member. It is almost more crucial for those in Greek life to maintain a good GPA in order for them to be in good standing in their chapter, to hold positions and doing well in school is important as well. There are no special exceptions for those in Greek life, we’re expected to do our best in classes just as much as any other student.

5. We’re all the same

False. Sororities and fraternities are much like any other club, a group of people who share similar passions but come from different backgrounds. From my experience in my chapter I have noticed many girls with different majors, ages and cultures, and yet we all manage to be friends regardless of our differences. In fact, our differences are appreciated and are what makes our chapter so unique.

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Way To Go Phi Kappa Tau, Just Perpetuating The Stereotype That ECU Is Nothing But A Party School

The Xanax fraternity four is setting the bar high

It seems that fraternities are becoming an endangered species on ECU's campus. Over the last few months, a lot of frat's have either been shut down or suspended. Phi Kappa Tau was added to this list last week when 4 arrests were made in a raid where over 2,500 Xanax bars were seized (YIKES) along with two shotguns, and it was said that marijuana was also being sold from their house.

Of course, the word got out fast and caused a buzz amongst students. One ECU student took to Twitter to call out one of the guys who was arrested because he just so happens to be in the same group as him in one of his classes and apparently they had a presentation due the next day. Talk about bad timing.

The tweet went viral with over 153k retweets and 596k likes. Leave it to ECU to make light of a bad situation. Whoever @iam_spiffy has overshadowed the actual news story with how much traction his tweet got, which is really a testament to how prevalent Twitter is to our generation and how it can make literally anything funny.

While it is unfortunate for the other fraternity members, I don't know if there is any excuse even the sliest of college students could come up with to explain why in the world there were 2,500 Xanax bars. Way to go Phi Kappa Tau, just perpetuating the stereotype that ECU is nothing but a party school even more! *Rolls eyes*

Just to clarify, not all fraternities and sororities at ECU (and in general) are like this one. A lot of them focus on networking and philanthropy as opposed to becoming "street pharmacists." Hopefully, other frats on campus will learn from this one's mistakes, but if not let's only hope that someone else will have a funny response to it.

Here you can read more about the details of these arrests.

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I'm Not Even A Little Surprised That My Big Became My Best Friend

And she made a BIG impact.

The most exciting part of joining any sorority is Big/Little Reveal, no questions asked. Mine was certainly no exception. I only knew a few initiated girls before my reveal, and I'll admit, I was nervous. I wasn't sure who she could be and I didn't know what to expect after I got to know her.

When a sheet was dropped during my Big/Little Reveal and my big was standing there, I was so excited! I already knew I liked her, but I had no idea I'd grow to love her as much as I have.

The weeks leading up to my initiation consisted of getting coffee once a week, just getting to know each other. It wasn't until after I was initiated and we went to our first semi-formal together that we really started to become close friends. But, thank God we did.

Since then, she has become a rock in my life, someone I can call and would come running to me when I need her. She is my favorite morning coffee date and the best Thursday night Moe's vs. Chipotle argument. She's someone who always keeps me in check.

The best thing about being able to call her my big and a best friend is that I have someone who can guide me every day. I can go to her in need of advice about classes, with questions about anything Greek, or general complaints about life. She stays honest with me and we know we can lean on each other. She tells me when she knows I'm right and she calls me out when I'm grumpy and need a nap, and I think that's the best kind of friend anyone could ask for.

Not every Big/Little relationship is as amazing as mine, so I know I'm blessed to have her. She makes me excited about Greek Life and more confident every day!

Cover Image Credit: Molly Martinez

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