5 Simple Ways to Get Healthier in 2021
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5 Simple Ways to Get Healthier in 2021

Getting more active in quarantine

5 Simple Ways to Get Healthier in 2021
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Being stuck in quarantine for the majority of 2020 led to some bad habits for many Americans, especially those regarding health. With gyms shut down, restaurants in and out of service, and even shortages in food due to the pandemic, guilt shouldn't accompany those bad habits, but hopefully a will to correct some of them in 2021 does!

Of the most common public health issues found in Americans, many stem from poor stress relief and poor exercise habits (both of which influence the other). Here is a list of 5 simple ways you can counteract some of those bad habits picked up in 2020 by being healthier in 2021.


There is a reason that drinking more water is always found near the top of things you can do to get healthier, because it's easily the simplest thing you can do and it really works! Drinking a gallon of water every day helps regulate your body functions, which helps regulate your eating and sleeping cycles, which ultimately help keep stress at bay and keep the body fit even without a lot of exercise.

Water also improves your skin, energizes the mind and boosts physical performance. If you're in a physically demanding job, it's a no-brainer, but even if you're behind a computer, a boost in physical performance means that exercise is more valuable when done…


… speaking of exercise, even if you're in a place that has kept gym doors closed, many advances (most of which were out of necessity to stay afloat) in online workout guidance have been made during quarantine. Yoga, free weights, and cardio activities can all be found online, even for beginners, and setting aside 20 minutes a day to workout at home is certainly easier than setting aside an hour to go to and from a gym.


Eating a steady dose of vegetables helps the mind and body, and also makes that exercise go a little further, if losing some weight is one of your health goals. Regardless of weight, however, eating non-starchy veggies like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and most salad bases provides nutrients, fiber, and even some extra water, all of which work health wonders without too much effort from you, other than enjoying!

Fruits, nuts, and fatty fish are also great additions to a healthy diet.

Hold the Sugar, Please

Coffee, when drank in moderation, can have similar positive effects on your body cycle to water, and the energy it delivers is not unhealthy when limited to one or two cups. With that, if coffee is an irreplaceable part of your morning routine, you can still get healthier by drinking it black. The sugar and milk might add some taste, but they also add calories. In comparison, a Starbucks latte has over 200 calories, while a black coffee has around 12.

Walk it Out

A great way to pass 15 minutes is to go outside and get some fresh air. If you add walking around, you get some exercise, too. Peace of mind can be hard to find in the corporate world, or even in the remote workplace, but simply getting out of the house, office, etc. a couple of times per day is also as good for the mind as it is the body.

Don't Let it Add Stress

If any of these, or any other things you try in the new year are actually adding to your stress, try something else! There are plenty of alternatives to the things on this list.
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