5 Risky Hair Styles to Test-Run in Quarantine
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5 Risky Hair Styles to Test-Run in Quarantine

Do you handle emotional crisis and/or global pandemic induced anxiety by looking to find something you CAN control? Because, same. While these risky DIY hair styles will make your hair stylist shudder...we find ourselves in an opportune moment of isolation.


Live Out Your K-Pop Dreams and Try a Bold Color


I spent one week as a pink-headed badass in 2016 and it was glorious (unfortunately, my boss did not think so). Order some pink hair dye and live out your princess unicorn dreams. If you have a Zoom meeting, I strongly suggest the potato filter and a simple "oops, not sure how to change it back...oh well". Here's a tutorial

Cut Your Own Curtain Bangs...If You Fail, Just Hide Behind Them


Ah, the cutting of the bangs - the most classic life-crisis-hair-cut there is. Luckily, curtain bangs have a pretty generous margin for error and look super effortless and cool. Worst case, you let them grow out over the next few weeks and do the old behind the ear-tuck.

Crimp Your Hair, Click Your Heels 3 Times, and You'll Find Yourself Back in Simpler Times


Do you have 90s crimping PTSD? I think we're all in agreement that the tight crimp has no place in 2020, but I'm honestly not mad at a loose, beachy, wavy crimp. It takes far less time than a curling iron and looks super cute in a pony-tail the next day.

It's Not Regrowth, Its a Root Stretch...It's Different I Promise


By now, your roots are inevitably creeping in...let them. Order an at-home hair dye that matches your natural color. Apply it to the base of your hair, wait a few minutes, and brush it out to seamlessly incorporate it into the rest of your hair. And voila, you are now a low maintenance queen! Here's a tutorial.

To Be Blunt, Everything Sucks Right Now So Give Yourself a Blunt Cut in Solidarity


Put down the bowl. This is not your mums bowl-cut. This is a sophisticated, blunt chop that will have your ends feeling oh-so fresh *warning* you WILL swish your head side to side and run your fingers through your hair while brushing it like a Disney princess. Here's a tutorial.

Combine the blunt chop with the curtain bangs, attempt a root stretch and throw some pink tint over the top, crimp your hair and you will be a quarantine goddess. Who knows, maybe you'll love your new look so much that you'll wear it proudly into our post-quarantine world. Until then, experiment and have some fun. This is a unique opportunity that we must harness; find moments of fun, light, and positivity during this dark time.

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