Five Reasons To Watch Shameless
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Five Reasons To Watch Shameless

Five Reasons To Watch This One-Of-A-Kind Show

Five Reasons To Watch Shameless

There are a variety of shows on the air and the abundant streaming sites that it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth dedicating time to watching. There is one show that, thanks to Netflix, I’ve been able to catch up on and could not recommend more as a show that is worth viewing. "Shameless" is a hilarious show on Showtime about the dysfunctional Gallagher family living in a rough part of Chicago. The family is comprised of six kids with the oldest sister, Fiona, raising her five younger siblings. Their dad, Frank, is a drunk and addict who always has his own agenda to attend to. While Fiona tries to raise her siblings and keep the house together, they come across many obstacles mostly in the financial realm. They manage to keep high spirits and show that they can have humor in almost any situation. There are many reasons to watch this show and here are just a few of them.

1. The opening credit scene

There are great opening title sequences that display the credits, but the one for Shameless is my absolute favorite one. The entire sequence takes place in the family’s bathroom with all the characters coming in and doing hilarious things including the dad passed out on the floor while Fiona kicks him in an attempt to wake him up. The theme song is also insanely catchy, making it a fun opening sequence with a little preview of the lives of the family members before we actually meet them. It’s a unique take on an opening sequence and I enjoy watching it over again even though I’ve seen it almost every episode.

2. The cast

The cast that stars in the show is absolutely hilarious. William H. Macy who plays the father and Emmy Rossum who plays the oldest sister (Fiona) lead the wonderful cast with their hilarious as well as messed up characters. Each member of the Gallagher family stands out thanks to the actors who play them. There is no weak link in the cast, only funny actors who breathe life into their roles. This show would not be as successful without the actors they cast in the respective roles. The actors are incredible and hilarious which makes for a great show.

3. The comedy

The comedy in this show is golden. There is no joke that goes by without a genuine laugh. The characters always find a way to laugh even in the toughest of situations, including anytime Frank gets himself in trouble with money. The Gallaghers never take themselves too seriously and allow themselves to find comedy in a situation instead of wallow in their financial woes. With six Gallagher kids and various other main/recurring characters, there are too many jokes to be made. The distinct and colorful personalities of the characters allow the writers to give them hilarious lines, even the most random you can think of that still manages to make sense.

4. How there is no candy coating

This show is real when it comes to the drama part of this “dramedy”. The characters encounter tough real life situations like struggling to make ends meet, discrimination against homosexuality, abortion, addiction and a variety of other issues. The show doesn’t sugar coat anything, they show the reality of the world and how it can be cruel. There is no holding back, they show what is real and the reality of people living in tough situations. Fiona has had to raise her siblings since she was practically a kid, which so many people can relate to, my mom included. The realness is apparent in every episode and it is something I truly love about the show.

5. Netflix having every episode of the first six seasons

This isn’t technically a part of the show, but it is a reason to watch! If you have a Netflix account you are already prepared to watch this show. There are six seasons loaded up on the site to watch and they are insanely easy to get through. My mom and I are nearly done with the show and it only took us a month to get through all the seasons. The show is great to marathon or watch spaced out, but with so many episodes to watch, what do you have to lose?

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