5 Reasons to Vote For Donald Trump
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5 Reasons to Vote For Donald Trump

We have to choose between two candidates, but they're both not the greatest..I mean how on earth are we gonna choose?

5 Reasons to Vote For Donald Trump
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I know this election season we are faced with such a difficult and in many ways heavy decision. We have to choose between two candidates, but they're both not the greatest..I mean how on earth are we gonna choose?

I know Hillary can offer many things with her "qualifications" and "relevant work experience" but I know there are many things that only Donald J. Trump can provide.

Go back in time!

Haven't you always wondered what it would be like to live in the past?

Your dreams will become a reality! With a Trump presidency, you are guaranteed to have your rights stripped away if you aren't a white heterosexual male. Women want control of their bodies? UNHEARD OF! Minorities want respect and to be treated like human beings? I DON'T THINK SO!

And as if that isn't enough on its own, he encourages the

Repeal of the 19th Amendment

Trump supporters started a hashtag #repealthe19th, once it was revealed that he would win if only men were voting.

Although he hasn't outright supported it, he has condoned this behavior by not speaking out on it.

Incest is totally in!

Are you tired of getting weird looks for hitting on your daughter?

It seems you'll be getting pats on the back once good 'ol Donnie takes office. I mean its totally normal that he wants to bang his daughter, right?

A Second Holocaust

Haven't you always wanted to relive iconic moments in history?

He wants to round up all Mexicans and forcibly deport them. He says they are dirty drug dealers and rapists. He plans to forbid Muslims from entering our country. Sound familiar?

With Donald J. Trump in the oval office, you can almost guarantee that the makings of a second holocaust will quickly come to fruition!

"Whatever norms or bounds that we think limit the damage a president could inflict are likely to be exceeded if that president is Trump."

World War III

With the temperament of a toddler, he'll make the best decisions about foreign policy.

He's best buds with an ex-KGB spy, which is obviously the best choice of company for a potential future president. I mean, how badass?

He can handle it!

Jokes are only funny when they make you look good. Look how he fights against people doing to him what he's done to disabled, mexican, muslim and black people. He stands up for himself!

What. A. Hypocrite.

Trump really can handle everything life throws at him. He built his life off of a small loan of a million dollars, a cross I'm sure none of us could stand to bear.

"Now just wait a minute," you think, "these all sound like negative things!"

WHOOPS. Ya caught me. There is nothing positive that will result from a Donald Trump presidency.


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