I once read "not four years, but for life" on a sorority t-shirt and thought "whoa, lame." Now, I may not be in a sorority, but I am on an athletics team, which we like to joke is basically the same thing. There are a few reasons why I know my teammates are probably in it for the long haul.

1. You see them everyday.

You will not go through one whole day without seeing at least one of them. Let's face it, it's not possible. You live with some of them, eat with them in the caf, sit with them in class, grab the seat in the library next to them, carpool to the gym with them, and most days you die (practice) together. It is inevitable that you will see one teammate each day, whether you want to or not.

2. You've seen each other during the worst times.

Throwing up, can't pass my conditioning test? My teammates probably witnessed it. Mental breakdown, crying about a class? My teammate poured the glass of wine. Pacing the room, venting about a stupid boy? A teammate is always there to plan his death. When things go wrong in life, they are always there, even just to listen. They get to see you at your best and worst, so they are prepared for anything from you.

3. Alumni weekend.

Does this really need any explaining? This is the ultimate weekend where all the teammates that graduated and left you come back to see you and party one more time with you. For them, it's a break from the real world and for us, it's a breath of fresh air from our everyday life. This weekend just shows that time can stop and we can all just be back in the years we had together, no matter where life has taken us.

4. They are your go-to dates.

Whether it be a late night food run, all night study sesh, recovery brunch, or a night out, your teammates are your go-to date options. Sure, guys are great for real dates and to pay for everything, but when you need just a spur of the moment, get me out of the room date, at least one of your teammates is always down to get into something. You can always count on someone to go anywhere with you.

5. They are basically family.

When you move away from home, mom and dad can't take care of every single thing now and you will run into some things that you have to ask for help on. There are some questions that your teammate can answer quicker than your mom texting you back. They are there through the thick and thin. They love you through the bad plays, ugly days, and breakdowns, but they can be your biggest fan during the sports awards, aced exams, and finding an awesome deal on a pair of boots you shouldn't have bought. You can always turn to a teammate when in need of comfort or celebration.