5 Reasons You Should Start Listening To Podcasts
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5 Reasons You Should Start Listening To Podcasts

Other than your blooming thirst for knowledge

5 Reasons You Should Start Listening To Podcasts

For someone who has only just started listening to podcasts in the last year, I jumped on the banwagon pretty quick. I spend most of my time driving to and from work, and I tend to get sick of finding music that will keep me entertained and focused on my commute. In addition, I don't always get time to read the paper or books as much as I used to when I had a shorter commute (which is why Audible is great too, so you can listen to your favorite stories and not fall asleep reading your favorite book before bed. This article is about podcasts though, which can be a lot more interesting and informational than the radio. Here are a few of the top reasons podcasts should be a part of your daily routine.

1. Podcasts are literally about everything, and it's pretty easy to find a podcast niche, or a subject that you never knew you were interested in

Whether its a funny talk show, a news podcast, or my favorite French podcasts, I always have a go-to when I hop in the car in the morning. A current favorite of mine is a history podcast that covers all kinds of subjects that don't come up in typical history classes in the U.S. Having a new perspective on events in the past can be helpful in thinking about current global issues.

2. If you're into informational podcasts, you can supplement a lot of stuff you may have learned in school.

For various reasons including exhaustion, stress, and a lack of time in college, sometimes it can be impossible to finish all of the reading for a class on time and you have to pick and choose the most important parts. Luckily, several podcasts cover academic topics, and can fill in the gaps of what you know about a certain subject.

3. Listening to podcasts can combat loneliness

I really like socializing with my housemates and coworkers throughout the day, but when I'm commuting or exercising I don't really have the time to do so, and it can get kind of lonely when I go through most of my day without having a long conversation. Podcasts can be a nice way to listen to someone talking and feel engaged in a sort of dialogue or discussion. If I happen to have no plans and my friends are busy, I tend to listen to podcasts while I'm doing whatever I'm doing, and it makes me feel like I am engaging with a person in conversation, even if the podcast was recorded months ago.

4. Podcasts can make working out less tedious

If you're the type to do long-term workouts like distance running and/or using elliptical machines/treadmills it can be torture to watch the minutes on the timer go by. Even listening to music gets old after a while because your mind can wander and then you start thinking about how much of a workout you have left to do and how you just want to pass out on your couch and eat ice cream. Maybe it's just me, but listening to an engaging podcast can make workout time fly by because the focus is on listening and learning, not so much as passing the time.


Yes folks, you've heard it loud and clear. You can get almost all the best podcasts free on your smartphone because there are apps for that! It's cheaper than music, and a lot of podcasts are around an hour long, so you have more content and entertainment. Free information is the best kind. (You can get language learning podcasts too instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on Rosetta Stone...)

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