5 Entertaining Questions To Find Out More About Yourself
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5 Entertaining Questions To Find Out More About Yourself

Because what else do we have to do during quarantine other than learn more about ourselves?

5 Entertaining Questions To Find Out More About Yourself

With most entertaining events being closed or postponed due to Coronavirus, many of us have been forced to look inwards for entertainment rather than outwards. I, personally, have done this and I've found that asking myself soul-searching questions has really helped me become more in touch with myself and simply just learn more about me. This can be difficult to do because the idea of meeting yourself seems silly, but open your mind and pretend as though you're meeting yourself while answering these questions.

What makes you feel happier than anything else in the world?

If you could tell your future self one piece of advice, what would it be and why?

Think about the last time you talked yourself out of doing something. What was holding you back?

What is your favorite form of self care and why?

If you could have one day completely to yourself, what would you do from the minute you woke up to the minute you went to sleep?

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