5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy
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5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

Quick fixes for better browsing

5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy
Bruce mars

We take online privacy for granted when in fact that's a major mistake. Ever wonder why a second after you've been looking at plane tickets to Costa Rica you see a pop-up window with offers following you on Facebook? That's because you're being tracked.

Advertisers know a whole lot about ourselves and sometimes, hackers do too. Here are 5 simple ways to protect your online privacy.

Get a secure VPN

Ok, what's VPN? VPN stands for "virtual private network" and is a method which adds privacy to your data across public and shared networks.

So let's say you're in college and you're hooked up to the free wifi. That's cool but all the data you send and receive (think emails, downloads) is being tracked and monitored.

If you go for a VPN service like one of the many options on Topvpnchoice, you're adding a layer of security to your online presence so you can happily continue your search of "what guys should I date based on their star sign" and "calculus 101 cheat sheet."

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Use incognito browsing

When we open our browser, we don't think much of who else is looking at our search history. But have you ever noticed that literally a second after you've looked up "Ibiza tickets," you get a pop-up add following you around showing you ticket offers?

Yeah, that's because your search is being tracked. Go for an "incognito window" instead of the regular one and shop in peace.

Don't record all of your passwords

This one is a bit of a pain in the butt but it needs to be said. While it's super convenient to have the Bank of America website remember your password, it can easily backfire if someone were to hack you or get a hold of your laptop.

Instead, do the extra 3-second work of typing in your password manually and know that you're safe from some teen hacker in Arizona buying a $2,000 leather jacket on Amazon through your account.

Have different passwords

Again, might be a hassle but having different passwords is super important. Think about it, if you use the same combination everywhere, once someone finds out what that is, they can screw you over bigtime - posting on your Facebook, messing with your PayPal, liking your ex's photos on Instagram.

Don't take any chances. Create a few strong passwords and memorize them. It will be worth the pain.

image via Mateusz Dach

Tape over your laptop camera

This trick I learned from watching this freaky episode of Black Mirror. It's super easy for someone to hack your camera and look/ record you without your knowledge.

That's scary and invasive. You can easily prevent it by taping a piece of paper over the camera. It's not rocket science. You wouldn't want hackers recording you singing Justin Bieber in your underwear, would you?

There you have it - 5 easy and quick ways to be safe on the internet. Happy browsing!

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