40 Articles Every Content Creator On Odyssey Writes Eventually
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40 Articles Every Content Creator On Odyssey Writes Eventually

No shame, no shame!

40 Articles Every Content Creator On Odyssey Writes Eventually

I have been writing for Odyssey and reading Odyssey articles for even longer. Even though it has been a great experience, I must admit that some of the articles are a little repetitive. Here are a few of the articles that I see all of the time and probably have written myself, to be honest.

1. 10 emails every college student receives.

2. 10 movies Disney straight to VHS sequels are not as bad as everyone thinks.

3. Something about Disney World.

4. Something about Disney movies.

5. An article that is mostly "The Office" gifs.

6. An article that is mostly "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" gifs.

7. An article that is mostly "Friends" gifs.

8. An open letter to my best friend.

9. An open letter to my worst enemy.

10. Things you only understand if you (enter very specific category here).

11. Things you only understand if you write for Odyssey.

12. A troubling attempt at humor.

13. A hilarious attempt at reporting on current events.

15. “I’m not a feminist, I want to raise a family!”

16. “You are a feminist, you just don’t know what you are talking about!”

17. Why I want to be a teacher!

18. Why I do not want to be a teacher, even though it is a perfectly viable and in-demand career path.

19. Why (insert popular celebrity couple here) are #GOALZ.

20. Why we are over (insert popular celebrity here).

21. Things you understand if you are in a sorority.

22. Things you only understand if you are not in a sorority.

21. College majors as Girl Scout cookies!

23. The best Girl Scout cookies according to your horoscope sign.

24. Excellent reporting on the most popular meme at the moment.

25. A movie review for a movie that everyone saw already.

26. "I wonder if anyone reads these except my parents?"

27. An open letter to my parents.

28. An open letter to everyone who does not read my excellent online content.

29. Why everyone should go vegan.

30. Why I gave up being vegan.

31. You know you go to (insert college here) when...

32. Why (insert a region of your state here) is superior to (other regions of your state).

33. A call outpost to everyone who wronged you.

34. Why dogs are better than people!

35. Why Netflix is better than boys!

36. A long list of potential Odyssey article ideas.

37. Poetry from a creative writing class.

38. A book review for a book you read a few years ago.

39. An inspirational think piece.

40. Literally, whatever this article is.

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