4 Things to do in Biloxi, Mississippi

My husband and I took a vacation to Biloxi this summer and, let me tell you, it was an awesome choice. We were quite undecided until the week before and we made the spontaneous choice to head down south. Keep in mind, we live in the mountains and the bayous and swamps were unlike anything we've ever seen before. Following is a list of items that my husband and I absolutely adored.

The beaches.



Though the beaches border the gulf coast rather than the ocean, they were in no way disappointing. I didn't know this beforehand but Biloxi Beach has the longest stretch of man-made beach in the world, 26 miles in total. This fact alone made the beaches much more enjoyable as there was ample room for families, couples, or singles just wanting some time on the sand. Restaurants and snack stands abound not far away, which makes it ever-more enjoyable.

Southern charm.

It's everywhere.


Whether it's in the architecture, the swaying moss hanging from the oak trees, or its wonderful people, charm abounds. Wherever we went, we found a nearly indescribably friendliness and warmth. It was a welcome departure from the everyday grind of working, shopping, family, etc. The southern charm was exactly what we needed to escape, even if just for a while.

Off-shore adventures.

Need an escape from dry land?


Probably my favorite day was spent on a small island about 12 miles off the coast of BIloxi. We took a ferry there and back and attended a tour of Fort Massachusetts in the process. The romance was nearly palpable. There's something about the open ocean, er, gulf, that really brings at the romantic in me. The spray of the salt wind and the constant warmth of the summer sun brought on a relaxation that's worth the money. On the island itself, we found snack bars and other areas to grab a bite to eat. Talk about a wonderful location.

Mini Las Vegas

Nightlife? Biloxi's got it.


Surprisingly, one of my favorite parts revolved around the multiple casinos around the city. Every night, after a long day in the magnificent southern sun, we found ourselves checking out what each casino had to offer. Keep in mind my husband and I aren't gamblers but, regardless, we always found something to do. Whether it was the going through the multiple shops, investigating different tourist attractions or finding awesome places to eat, I always looked forward to our nighttime adventures.

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