To The People Who Are Always In Their Cars, Here Are 33 Amazon Must-Haves To Improve Your Ride
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To The People Who Are Always In Their Cars, Here Are 33 Amazon Must-Haves To Improve Your Ride

These will really change the game.

To The People Who Are Always In Their Cars, Here Are 33 Amazon Must-Haves To Improve Your Ride
Photo by why kei on Unsplash

Some of us like to drive, while others of us really like to drive. Whether it be something you enjoy doing, something you do to spend time with your friends, or something you spend a lot of time doing for work, you have every reason to make your ride as convenient as possible.

So here I have compiled a list of 33 items from Amazon that are must-haves for your vehicle, including everything from the basic safety and maintenance items, to things that make your ride more pleasurable or convenient.

1.A set of jumper cables


No matter how nice and new your car may be, you can never go wrong with a set of jumper cables. At some point or another, nearly everyone needs them, and maybe if it's not you who does, you can help jump someone else's car sometime. Here's a high-quality 20-foot pair on Amazon for $23.

2. Don't just rely on your phone's flashlight, keep a heavy-duty one in the car!


This is one item we hope we will hardly, but preferably never, have to use. Changing a tire is hard enough in the day time, the last thing you'll want is to have to do it in the dark. Invest in a good flashlight, make sure it stays charged, or has extra batteries, and if you can, find one that props up, too, to make the work that much easier. Depending on the job, it could take some time, and it's never worth wasting your phone's battery life. Instead, keep a flashlight ready in your car.

The GearLight set shown is high-quality and can be found on Amazon for $15.99. They have great ratings and are one set recommended to keep in the car!

3. Keep an ice scraper tucked away in the pocket of your door for those icy winter mornings.


These are super handy, especially whenever you’re in a rush. It’s a whole lot faster to scrape the ice off your windshield than to sit in your car for fifteen minutes and wait on defrost to take care of it. You can get them just about anywhere, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles, including longer ones with handles about two feet long and that have brushes on the ends to brush snow off your car.

This particular scraper shown was found on Amazon for $12. There are plenty of other options to choose from at varying price points, just depending on whatever you would need or would want to keep in the car!

4. A first aid kit is far too convenient to leave off the list. 


In my opinion, this is one item you should always have on hand, whether it be in your car, in your purse, in your desk at work, or in your backpack at school. You can never go wrong with a simple first aid kit. Just some bandages, Neosporin, sting relief, alcohol wipes, feminine products, over-the-counter supplements and medications: basic items that are always handy for small injuries or pain. Got a hangnail? A headache? Blisters? Fell skateboarding and scraped your knee? It’s a lot easier to have products to treat them on hand than to have to run to the store or ask someone else for them.

You can get one just about anywhere, but I recommend this kit from Amazon. It runs about $22, but it has everything from various bandage sizes and ointments, to blister prevention pads, to ibuprofen tablets and tweezers. It's got just about everything you'd need for basic first aid, and it would rarely ever need refilled on products. Plus, it all compacts into a 9" x 7" case that you could stick in the trunk of your car.

5. Don’t forget to keep those tires in check!


Keeping adequate pressure in your tires is always important for a safe ride, and just like your oil, your tire pressure should be checked regularly. Some vehicles give you a warning whenever you have a low tire, but some don’t, so it’s always best to have a gauge on hand so you can check to see if you need to stop at a nearby gas station and put some more air in your tires before heading out somewhere.

Some are made to push air into the gauge for a manual measurement that can be read by checking how far it pushes the gauge out of its socket, but you can also find automatic gauges, like the one above, that gives you the reading itself. This one had great ratings on Amazon, and you can find it there for around $11.

6. You can never go wrong with an emergency blanket.


This is another item we hope to never have to break out. But, in the event of the car breaking down in the cold or the heat going out, it's always best to have one at your disposal. They can be used for about a million things, do a great job of retaining body heat, and these ones I found on Amazon came in extremely small packages, unfolding into blankets 52” x 82”. These ones are purchased in a pack of four and come in a wide variety of colors to choose from for only $14.

7. An emergency glass breaker + seatbelt cutter could potentially be a saving grace!


Unlike the other safety items, you're likely going to want to keep this one in your glove box for quick and easy access in the event of an emergency. They're small, compact, and get the job done. It's always great to have access to these sorts of tools in case of an accident where you'd find yourself in a time pinch. It's better to have it and never need it than to need it and it not be there.

This one I found on Amazon is very popular with women and costs around $14, but there are plenty of other options — including packs of two or more — on there, as well.

8. Or even better, you can get nearly all of these items in some complete road kits.


AAA makes a 42-piece kit that sells on Amazon for around $25 and includes jumper cables, a first aid kit, screwdrivers, a flashlight, and a poncho, all tucked into a nice little bag with information packets. Or for about $30 more, you can get a First Secure 90-piece kit. It's all about what you have and what you need, so it's worth shopping around for a kit to keep in your trunk.

9. Now, let's get into extra storage: buy yourself a collapsible trunk organizer.


Now, where in the world will I put all these safety items? Simple, your collapsible trunk organizer! Amazon has a wide variety of sizes and styles, with or without pockets and compartments, and even options that strap into the trunk so they don't slide around while you're driving. On Amazon, there's even an option to "add a car to your garage," which basically adds a specific type of vehicle to your profile so that whenever you're searching for accessories for your car, it'll show you the options that best fit.

The one pictured above was available on Amazon for around $25, and was collapsible into different sizes, as well as included pockets on the sides and straps for securing it into place. There are tons of different sizes and styles at different price points, so just depending on your car and what you're looking for, there will be something to fit your needs!

10. Bag hooks will keep your belongings clean and easily accessible!


No matter where I'm headed in my car, I always have a purse with me, and I typically hand it off to my boyfriend to hold when I drive. Because of the belongings, my purse holds every day, like my ID and debit card, it's obviously best I keep it upfront and accessible, so I don't want it in the floor and nobody ever wants to hold it. That's where the bag hook comes in.

These hooks get placed around your headrest and can be used to hang purses, backpacks, coats, umbrellas, grocery bags; whatever you would want. I've also seen people who place their phones on them to watch TV in the car. They keep your items from falling in the floor, getting messy, moving around, and they make everything super easily accessible, too.

There are a ton of options on Amazon for different sizes and styles of hooks and how many come in a pack, but the ones pictured above come in a pack of four for $7, plus they're available in different colors.

11. This mesh net serves several purposes and does a great job of storing and organizing your belongings!


It's really typical that when I drive by myself I sit items on the console or in the front passenger seat for easy access, but everyone knows how downhills that can go when things start sliding around and falling into the floor. Or, whenever you're sitting in the back seat with friends and you've got nowhere to put anything. That's what this super handy mesh organizer is for.

On this specific one, you can place its pockets to be either front- or rear-facing. It clips between the two front seats and can be used for storage, to keep your purse from falling backward off the console, or even as a pet barrier that keeps your furry friends from jumping into the front seat while you're driving. It runs around $22 on Amazon for the three-layer option, but there are plenty of others to choose from, as well.

12. A seat gap organizer, because you can never go wrong with extra storage. 


Everyone loves some extra storage space upfront, and if you're prone to dropping things between the seat and the console, this may be for you. This car seat gap organizer comes with a compartment for items and a cup holder (because who wouldn't want an extra cup holder?) for $13, but there are other options on Amazon, including ones with extra USB ports, as well.

13. The Drop Stop, to prevent you from dropping everything into the abyss. 


Or maybe if you want something to prevent things from falling between the seat and console but don't care much for the extra storage, a Drop Stop may be the way to go. You can get this on Amazon for $20, and actually fits around your seat belt buckle to prevent anything making it into the floor under the seat.

14. Allergies sufferers will be rejoicing over this one. 


Ever needed to blow your nose in the car? Sure, keeping napkins in the glove box or console works, but does it work well? They get everywhere, they crumple up, and who knows how long those Little Caesar's napkins have been tucked away? Well, here's the fix: a tissue holder that clips onto your visor.

The one shown above is sold on Amazon for around $13, and you can even buy refills to fit them so you never have to use rough fast food napkins again.

15. Never lose your sunglasses again with this clip-on visor sunglasses case!


You always need a place to put your sunglasses. It's easy to squash them in your purse and break them or to forget them in your room whenever you go out, but with this sunglasses case that clips onto your visor, never forget, misplace, or break your sunglasses again. You can get this one on Amazon for $12.49.

16. A visor organizer, because you can never have enough organization or ease of access! 


Talk about ease of access! This organizer clips onto your visor and can hold glasses, a phone, cards, and all sorts of other small items. It's perfect for someone who frequently goes through a drive-thru or spends a lot of time on the road and wants to quickly be able to get to things. You can get this one on Amazon for $14 in gray or black, but there are plenty of other options if you look around!

17. The best way to keep trash out of the floor is to give it a place to go!


If you're like me and you're always on the go, this can be a real lifesaver. It's easy to let trash accumulate in the car, especially when you don't have a place to put it and may forget to remove it later. This trashcan can help.

It clips around your headrest and hangs tight to the back of the seat or sits on the floor, is leakproof and easy to clean, and is even capable of holding multiple bottles and boxes. It's currently on Amazon for $13, and the reviews are all great!

18. This phone holder will make accessing your phone so much easier while you drive. 


It's always nice to have easy access to your phone's capabilities without having to hold it while you drive, so a mount is the way to go! With this $27 Applus mount from Amazon, your phone can be placed on your vents via a clip or stuck via sticky suction mount to your car's dash. It has a sensor that automatically opens and closes the clamps onto the phone to hold it in place and even has fast-charging capabilities.

(Friendly reminder to NEVER text and drive.)

19. Or, if you have a pop socket, try this one instead!


With most phone holders, those with pop sockets are forced to take their phones out of the case just to mount it, but no more! This mount is made specifically for pop sockets, and you can get one on Amazon for $10!

20. Nothing will slip or slide anymore with this anti-slip dashboard mat. 


Got a habit of laying items on the dash, only to see them later fall into the floor? Well, this anti-slip dashboard pad is just what you need! It's made of a thick, soft gel material that keeps it or items you place on it from falling off or moving around while driving. You can get one of your own on Amazon for $9.

21. For protection from sun and UV rays, sun shields are the way to go.


These are great, especially when you don't have tinted windows or have kids in the vehicle. They just stick on your window and can easily be removed or reapplied. On Amazon, you can get them in a set of four for around $14.

22. A mini fridge for your car...need I say more?


Got a long road trip ahead and want to keep some drinks cold for the ride? No need for bulky insulated bags that only stay cold for a short matter of hours, when you can instead have your own portable mini-fridge! It even has a warm setting for food.

They sell on Amazon for $40 and plug into your car's 12V power outlet for use! The fridge even holds as many as six cans of pop at once.

23. And for whenever your large cups never fit in the cup holders, these extenders will save the day!


Your car's cup holder can't fit your Yeti? No problem! Check out this cup holder adapter you can get on Amazon for $18! It's capable of holding large cups and containers and is even adjustable.

24. The fry holder we never knew we needed.


It's typical I eat in the car, and as a lover of fries, I understand the struggle of trying to hold the container between my legs while I eat. Well, no more. This fry holder sits in your cup holder to give you easy access to your fries without making a mess. You can get one of your own on Amazon for $12, which is probably the equivalent of the cost of fries I have dropped in my car while trying to eat. Well worth it in my book.

25. And what are fries without some sauce? 


Personally, I am lost without my McDonald's hot mustard when eating fries, but it's always difficult to try and hold everything while you're eating, and you're too scared to lay the open sauce on the console because that's potentially a huge mess. What's the solution?

This sauce holder clips onto a vent in the car and securely holds your sauce while you eat. It can hold sauce cups or the trays can be used to pour your ketchup packs into for easy access. These specific ones can be found on Amazon for $2.77 individually, or in packs of two for $4.29, plus you can pick from red, white, or black.

26. How about cleaning the car? This gel putty cleaner, to reach all the places rags and wipes never could!


Ever tried cleaning dust and crumbs out of the cup holders or console of your car? Or trying to dust in between the buttons? It’s nearly impossible to do, but not with this putty cleaner! You can find it on Amazon for under $9 per container.

27. A portable vacuum, because cleaning the car should be as easy as possible.


Dropping crumbs in my car annoys me like nothing else, so this cordless vacuum works wonders in the vehicle. This one even has a light on it to help you see when you're trying to vacuum in dark and hard-to-reach areas like under your seats or next to the console.

This vacuum runs about $50 on Amazon and comes in a few different color options, as well as has a ton of cleaning tools included!

28. Need some cool electronics? If your car doesn't come with it, an Apple Carplay stereo might be just the update you need!


I'm seeing this more and more, people wanting to replace the stereo systems in their cars with something more up-to-date, and frankly, if you're in the car a lot and typically play music or use maps, this is a great purchase for you. The one thing I have to say about these: do your research! Make sure you shop around and research what system is best for your car, and you can even find tons of videos online on how to install the new system.

Some of these range from under $100 to closer to $400 and up, but it all depends on what you're looking for and what car you have. Again, if you really want it, it's definitely worth the investment, just make sure you find the right system for you!

The system pictured is incredibly popular on Amazon and has great reviews! It's sold for $345.

29. If you don’t have an aux cord, this Bluetooth/FM transmitter is the fix for you.


This adapter plugs into your car's 12V power outlet and is used to play music from your phone directly through your speaker system if you don't have aux. This particular one has rainbow LEDs, great reviews, and is found on Amazon for under $17.

30. For whenever you've got passengers in the vehicle, this multi-port USB adapter will keep everyone's phones at full charge.


With everyone having a cell phone these days and some cars not having USB outlets available for charging, this tool comes in handy. It's a multi-port USB adapter that plugs into your 12V power converter. This specific one can be found on Amazon for $8 and holds two USB cords, but there are lots of options that have more ports, as well!

31. Maybe you just want something kind of neat to have? Here's a diffuser, because your car should always smell nice and be like your second sanctuary. 


Want your car to smell nice and relax you without the use of a regular old air freshener? This is the way to go. This is a diffuser that can fit in your car's cup holder and is powered by a USB port. It even changes colors!

You can get your own on Amazon for $20!

32. A laser show inside your car?!


When chilling in the car at night, this has to be the coolest accessory. This little projector plugs into your USB port in the car and shines little star lights all over the roof. It has different modes and colors, this one selling on Amazon for $16. If you're interested, though, there are others available with other colors and modes, too!

33. More cool accessories: light-up coasters for your cup holders.


And what should you get to accompany your star light show? Obviously light-up coasters. These look super cool and make your drinks light up in up to seven different colors. They're great for differentiating between people's drinks in the car, too, so that's handy! This set of two is sold for $18 on Amazon, but if you're interested, there are also some that have your car's logo on them, too.

Your car is like your second home, treat it like so! If you spend a good deal of time there, take the chance to invest in some cool things to make your day-to-day more convenient, cleaning more efficient, or just make those chill nighttime car rides even more therapeutic and relaxing.

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