30 Activities To Add To Your Spring Bucket List
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30 Activities To Add To Your Spring Bucket List

Check out this spring bucket list! Here are 30 activities you can do to have the best spring yet.

30 Activities To Add To Your Spring Bucket List
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Spring is finally here. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the weather's finally nice enough to spend time outdoors. After months of being cooped inside, we are finally able to spend time in nature. Follow this bucket list to have the best season possible!

1. Plan a picnic outdoors with your friends, family or favorite furry pals.

Pack all your favorite foods — including sandwiches, cookies and fruit!

2. Take a walk in the local park or take a scenic hike on a local trail.

Just admire the natural beauties in the world.

3. Plant flowers.

Plant flowers, and watch them grow.

4. Bake homemade baked goods with fresh fruits.

Use your favorite fruits to make yummy treats.

5. Go kayaking or canoeing.

These are great ways to be immersed in nature.

6. Have a yard sale and make some extra cash.

We can all use some extra cash.

7. Get Crafty! Make some amazing room decorations.

Get inspiration from Pinterest.

8. Try your hand at geocaching.

It's like a treasure hunt.

9. Plan a photo shoot with your best friend.

You can NEVER have enough photos.

10. Play outdoor party games like frisbee, cornhole, and ladder golf.

These are all fan-favorites.

11. Attend a baseball game.

This plan is undoubtedly a home run!

12. Go for a bike ride with an unknown ending destination.

Explore your hometown a little more.

13. Make a trip to the local flea market or farmer's market.

You never know what treasures you'll find.

14. Make a homemade meal with all natural ingredients.

Make a delicious dinner for your family.

15. Eat outside at your favorite restaurant.

We all need to eat, so why not order from your favorite restaurant?

16. Head outside and birdwatch.

Birdwatching is a fun activity to do outside in the wilderness.

17. Make a trip to the bowling alley.

You can't "strike" down this idea!

18. Go mini-golfing.

This is a fun activity for you and your friends.

19. Go shopping for new clothes for the season.

Make sure to check out thrift shops! You never know what you'll find for a decent price.

20. Upcycle your old clothing.

Check out Pinterest for some inspiration.

21. Try out your old roller-skates.

Bust out your old skates! This is a fun hobby to revisit.

22. Volunteer.

Contact your local soup kitchen or animal shelter.

23. Try a new fitness class

What better time to try a new fitness regime?

24. Go camping.

Who doesn't enjoy sleeping in the outdoors?

25. Make homemade ice cream.

Homemade ice cream is the best treat to eat on a warm day.

26. Do some spring cleaning.

There is just SO much to clean!

27. Create a new playlist with all your favorite music.

Create an enjoyable playlist to listen to throughout the season.

28. Host a game night with your friends.

Hang out with your friends, and play Life, Monopoly, and Guess Who.

29. Make homemade cookies.

Cookies make everything better. This is a fact.

30. Go to the zoos or a local museum.

Who doesn't enjoy seeing cute little critters at the zoo?

31. Visit a National or State Park.

Travel to one of the beautiful national or state parks near you.

32. Attend a (virtual) concert.

Jam out with your favorite singers and bands!

33. Try out a yoga class.

Experts say yoga is one of the best ways to relax.

34. Make homemade lemonade.

Who wouldn't enjoy a fresh homemade glass of lemonade, especially after working outside?

35. Make a scrapbook of your adventures.

Record all of your precious memories into a scrapbook.

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