30 Simple Things That Remind Us To Smile

Life throws obstacles, hardships and even grief straight into a weary traveler's path. It's up to us, however, to see the beautiful details hiding within the dark. Every person is unique, and that means that each of us have different quirks that make us illuminate our inner fuzzy warmth to everybody who surrounds us. We don't even realize how many simple things perk our moods. And so, we must be the detectives of our own story, and seek out serenity and simplicity. Only then will we understand exactly what causes our cheesy grins. Here are 30 of my "simple things."

1. Rain.

2. Ripping open a pack of brand new socks.

3. Finding a great bargain.

4. Slicing fresh lemon for tea.

5. Opening your book to the exact page you need.

6. Receiving pretty flowers.

7. Enjoying a nicely cleaned room.

8. Getting a handwritten letter in the mail.

9. The comfy scent of a kitchen after baking.

10. Bubble baths.

11. Giving presents to others.

12. Creating hundreds of To-Do lists and then attempting to finish at least one of them.

13. Writing poetry.

14. Playing the Nintendo 64 after its years tucked away in storage.

15. Coffee dates.

16. Visiting with someone after not having seen them for a while.

17. The warm aura of a lit candle.

18. The crackles and snaps a fire produces.

19. Bike rides with your friends.

20. Hikes while camping.

21. Bon fires with your family and pals.

22. Attempting to paint a masterpiece, and then realizing you were more talented when you were 5.

23. Wearing your favorite piece of jewelry.

24. The smell of fresh, clean laundry.

25. Discussing your favorite book with a friend.

26. A well-earned paycheck.

27. Finding a new song that you can't take off of replay.

28. Dominating a king after a long and tough game of chess (with good sportsmanship, of course).

29. Showering your pet with love.

30. Knowing that you are blessed, and that your life is wonderful the way it is.

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