25 Problems All Tall Girls Have
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25 Problems All Tall Girls Have

Because it's not that easy.

25 Problems All Tall Girls Have
Angela DeGenova

Any girl who is over the height of about 5'7 knows the struggles that come with being tall. Sure there's the benefits to it, such as having long legs, but there are also multiple disadvantages. Being tall isn't as great as it seems and here's a few reasons why.

1. Everyone telling you that you are tall.

As if you don’t already know.

2. Being told you should play basketball.

I may be tall but that does not mean I am coordinated enough to play a sport.

3. Finding jeans that are long enough.

Regular length shorts are capris. Always buy the long length.

4. Dresses are shirts/ maxi dresses don’t touch the ground.

They are just never long enough to comfortably wear.

5. Finding a guy that is taller than you.

It's impossible to find and when you finally do, you aren’t sure if you like him or just like him because he’s tall.

6. Not being able to wear heels without being judged.

You can never wear cute heels without being a giant. Stick to the flats.

7. Sitting at a desk.

Have my legs ever actually fit under a desk?

8. Rompers are short shorts.

It looks more like a diaper if anything.

9. Having short friends.

It's hard to feel cute when your the freakishly tall one of the group.

10. When a guy's height starts with five.

You cringe. Every time.

11. Long sleeve shirts aren’t long sleeve.

Companies need to realize tall people, also have long arms.

12. People use you for your height.

Yes, I can probably reach that for you.

13. Trying to fit in photos.

Oh, my head was cropped out…again.

14. Hotel showers.

Its kind of hard to shower when you don’t even fit under the shower head.

15. Hugging people that are shorter than you.

Always awkward.

16. Walking too fast.

I have long strides, okay?

17. Shorts are too short.

It was a joke when the school dress code had the finger length rule.

18. Dancing with someone.

This never goes as planned.

19. Shirts are all too small.

You better buy a large unless you want another crop top.

20. Being asked how tall you are.

5’9, now go away.

21. Not being able to fit in twin beds.

Lol if you ever try to fit another person in your bed.

22. Sitting in the backseat of a car.

The front seat better be all the way forward if you expect me to fit.

23.Having big feet.

You try finding shoes in a size 11 and see how easy it is.

24. Being lifted up.

It doesn’t happen.

25. When Short Girls Want Guys Over 6 ft

Please stop taking all the tall guys. Why do you need someone a foot taller than you?

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