A 20 Somethings Thoughts While Reading Harry Potter For The First Time
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A 20 Somethings Thoughts While Reading Harry Potter For The First Time

Harry Potter is such a well written book and while reading it I've developed a lot of thoughts about these incredible books.

A 20 Somethings Thoughts While Reading Harry Potter For The First Time

I discovered since being four books deep into reading Harry Potter for the first time that apparently the thing to do in Peace Corps is to read Harry Potter for the first time. I have found a handful of people who read it for the first time while in the Peace Corps just like me. Here I thought I was alone beginning my Harry Potter journey here in the Peace Corps. I have become rather obsessed with Harry Potter so I thought that I would give my thoughts on reading the series for the first time because there are many. Spoilers below.

1.Why did it take me this long to start reading Harry Potter?

Oh wait I know, I was in University taking 18 units a semester and working almost full time. However with how quickly I have read the first four books I should have read these much sooner. My obsession is great and if you have yet I say you read the books, if you have read the books I say you read them now.

2.Can I quit all the things I have to do and just read Harry Potter?

I just want to sit and read this series all day every day. I want to forego all of my work and other responsibilities and read Harry Potter. Too bad that is not possibly so I will settle for staying up till 2 in the morning in order for me to read as much as I can.

3.Where can I sign up to play Quiditch?

I so badly want to play Quiditch. I know there is a version you can play that doesn’t actually involve flying on a broomstick. Maybe I will start a league in Uganda among my Peace Corps friends. I think it good be a really awesome thing.

4.Why in the world didn’t Harry just live with the Weasely’s during Hogwarts after year one?

The Dursley’s were horrible people. I mean easily the most horrible people, and the Weasely’s would have been more than happy to house Harry during the holidays. We all know that Harry wanted nothing more to be living at the Weasley’s especially after everything with Black. GIVE HARRY WHAT HE WANTS!

5.Cedric Diggery is one reason being Hufflepuff is gold, him dying in book four outrageous.

I don’t know what it is about Cedric exactly that allows me to be so smitten. I mean he is supposed to be popular at Hogwarts, and I am Hufflepuff so he’d be my crowd. He was also athletic and smart I guess I do know what I was smitten by a book character. When Voldermort pulled out his wand and killed Cedric I about lost my stuff. I couldn’t believe what happened.

6.Harry Potter is kind, selfless, and brave. Yet he is by no means my favorite character. Probably one of my least favorites.

I wanted nothing more than too really like Harry I mean the book is about him he should be my favorite. However he’s just not. I find him actually rather dull and annoying. From what I have discussed with others, I am not the only one who shares this opinion either. I haven’t known a single person who says that Harry Potter doesn’t annoy them or that he’s their favorite from the book. I have yet to decide on a favorite yet, there are just so many really awesome characters, I honestly problem lean toward Neville. He’s just so damn loveable.

7.Hermonie is annoying; however she is also brilliant and strong. One of the best female characters around.

I actually had this discussion with a friend the other day. Hermonie is a very strong female character, she has strong opinions that don’t change based on what others say. She is brilliant, which causes her to be rather annoying the amount that she talks about school and tries to show off how smart she is drives me nuts. We get it chick you’re smart now stop talking.

8.If I had their lives my anxiety would be so much worse than it already is.

With all the trouble that they find themselves in, all the danger they encounter my anxiety would be going crazy. Luckily I don’t have their lives and instead of their adventure causes anxiety it takes me away from my anxiety.

9.Poor Neville, I mean his family and his inability to do things yet he has my heart. I also think he should have been in more of the book. He is the real MVP.

Neville seriously is the best part of the books. His cluelessness will always make me laugh. He has showed great bravery despite his fear, which resembles my life a bit which is the reason Neville is so dear.

10.I wouldn’t be able to enter Platform 9 and ¾.

I mean running into a brick wall would bring me too much fear. Even if saw other people doing it and I knew it was safe I still don’t think I’d be able to enter. I mean it would be incredibly thrilling and exciting. I just wouldn’t trust that I wouldn’t get hurt from the wall.

11.Ron and Hermonie hiding their feelings for one another through a love hate relationship was a joke. It was obvious to everyone but them that there were deeper feelings.

I honestly think that everyone could see it. I mean the way they bickered and how mad Ron got about Krum it was so obvious that they liked each other. I guess you could say that maybe Hermonie and Harry would end up together but I would say that it was always Ron and Hermonie from day one.

12.Also Snape is a creep. He also needs to let go of his hate for Harry like get over yourself. He’s just a little boy and has nothing to do with whatever happened when you were at Hogwarts.

Snape I am sorry but you are absolutely ridiculous. Like Harry was just a boy that didn’t really know what he had gotten himself into. He also knew nothing of his parents so he didn’t know about anything that happened with you all. So be the adult, be the teacher and leave him alone. He didn’t do anything to you.

13.With Hagrid’s size isn’t it obvious that he was half Giant? I mean seriously.

I had my suspicion from day one. It was so obvious when you looked at his size. I mean why else was he so huge? I get that he could have done a spell but really everyone? Really?

14.Can I please take advantage of some of those spells? I mean that summoning spell and the disarming spell would be so useful.

I seriously would give anything to be able to use some of the spells to make my life lazier. How cool would it be to be able to just summon anything you want without having to stand up and get it? Also, if someone tried to take anything from you you’d be able to summon it back. And disarming someone would just be hilariously fun.

15.I would have hit Malfoy every time he opened his mouth.

When Hermonie hit Malfoy I was INCREDIBLY surprised that no one had done so sooner. I mean he was completely rude. He tried to pick so many fights for no reason just hit the fool. Seriously just hit him. I don’t think I could have controlled myself not to, he deserved it enough.

16.I solemnly swear that I am up to know good, yes please! Bring on that map of those secret tunnels in the castle. I’d be all over it

Now that would be an adventure I could get behind. Roaming around the castle where no one could see me. Being able to know where the teachers are at all times. I mean that’d be such an incredible game.

17.I want Dumbledore to be my grandpa.

Okay so I have an incredible grandpa already I just feel like Dumbledore would be such an incredible bonus grandpa. He’s kind, funny, and lets you get away with certain things and I could for sure get behind that.

18.I love Dobby, like obsessed. Yes, I know what’s coming and its horrible but I’m only on book four so I am still stuck on how incredible he is.

How could you not love little Dobby? He’s an incredibly caring and funny house elf who just wanted to be free. He also loves Harry Potter oh so well which I would I could wiggle my way into Dobby’s heart just like Harry did.

19.Uganda was mentioned in book four for winning a game of Quiditch before the World Cup match.

Being in Uganda and reading these books for the first time it was really awesome having my home be mentioned in the book and they happened to win the game, I mean they eventually lost since they didn’t make it to the World Cup but still.

20.I am currently waiting for my Hogwarts letter to come in. I have my wand and everything ready.

That’s how obsessed I am. I am ready to go to Hogwarts and have my own adventures. They would be adventures that are much less terrifying and possibly deadly but still adventures. I’d learn how to use the wand I bought at Harry Potter World and I’d drink all the butter beer I possibly could.

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