20 Country Love Songs You'll Need This Valentine's Day Season
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20 Country Love Songs You'll Need This Valentine's Day Season

Country music might not be for everyone, but it certainly has a way of making me want to fall in love, be in love, have someone to love, feel lonely... and so on.

20 Country Love Songs You'll Need This Valentine's Day Season
Thomas Rhett

Without further hold up, here are twenty country love songs that you should be listening to this Valentine's Day season, whether you are all loved up or you just want to listen to them and hate yourself.

1. Make Me Wanna- Thomas Rhett

To anyone who knows of Thomas Rhett, hi, he has way too many perfectly wonderful love songs to choose from on every album he has made. This song may be five years old, but it still sends those country lovey-dovey vibes in every way. This man is telling you exactly just what looking at you makes him feel. Mixed with the awkward dance skills of Thomas Rhett in his music video, the song is ten times better and deserves to be listened to this Valentine's season.

2. This- Darius Rucker

This song takes you down the path of life that led this man to the exact place he is in, 100% in love with his life. It's such a good reminder of all the things that might be going wrong currently will eventually lead you to a place of love that will have your heart so full you could explode!

3. Every Little Thing- Russel Dickerson

This bop of a love ballad is about loving every part of someone, from the big things to the little things that other people wouldn't notice. He is actually singing about the small details of the woman he's describing and how much he loves the way she loves him. How adorable?

4. Loving You Easy- Zac Brown Band

Just another country love song that perfectly describes how easy it should be to love someone with your whole heart. Once you find it, it might just be all you want to do! I am swooning as I add this song to my country love song playlist.

5. Yours If You Want It- Rascal Flatts

This song really gets me in my feelings, but it also makes me want to dance around like an idiot. What I am saying is, it really makes me want to fall in love. Imagine having someone look at you and express their love to you by saying their heart is yours if you want it.

6. H.O.L.Y.- Florida Georgia Line

This song goes from someone who is so heartbroken to someone who is so in love that he describes it as being high off of her love. She is holy, her love saved him, and everything is right in the world. With that, I think everyone should give it a listen this Valentine's season.

7. Wanted- Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes has a lot of music that makes me want to be head over heels, but this song is such a slow love ballad that it almost hurts to listen to. It is all about making someone feel wanted.

8. The Long Way- Brett Eldredge

Picture this, someone who wants to know every thing about you, asking you questions about where you grew up, how you got to where you are now, and still wanting to know more. That is what this song is, and it is very necessary that everyone listens to it.

9. From The Ground Up- Dan + Shay

Okay, okay, okay. Dan + Shay makes all of the country love songs that have me sobbing in my shower. It's like they sit in meetings while writing and try super hard to create beautiful melodies that people will want to dance to at their weddings. There are so many to choose from, but this one is simply magical. It's lyrics are talking about building a love story, literally from the ground up together. Give it a listen this Valentine's Day.

10. Born To Love You- LANCO

Yes, this song is exactly what it sounds like, being created from the beginning to fall in love with one specific person. It talks about being born to love someone no matter what else happens, and it's really catchy so it should definitely be a song everyone listens to this holiday.

11. No Such Thing As A Broken Heart- Old Dominion

This is such a feel-good country song and good reminder too, that you "gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart". No matter what is going on in our world's and the world around us, the best option is to just keep on loving people.

12. Somebody Like You- Keith Urban

Maybe it sounds cliché, but this song is less about loving someone and more about wanting to love someone. A specific someone, actually, someone like you! Once again, this song is catchy and deserves to be listened to during Valentine's Day. It also never ends, right when you think it ends it picks up again to bring you in for one last guitar solo and hook!

13. One Man Band- Old Dominion

Yes, look who's back again! It's Old Dominion and their love song about not wanting to go through life like a "one man band". You know what a one man band is, right? Yeah, well what they're saying is that they would not want to do the whole fame, life, music-making thing alone.

14. Beautiful Crazy- Luke Combs

This song takes the cake for country love songs and I do not feel biased in saying that. This song is the epitome of being in love with someone and knowing so much about them, being amazed by them, simply loving someone. This song is a gut-wrenching love song that could make anyone want to fall in love. If you are not listening to it this Valentine's season, I am really not sure of what you're doing.

15. This Is It- Scotty McCreery

This song hits me right in the country love song feels. Scotty is singing about imagining forever with someone, the same forever he has been dreaming about for so long and the moments where he finds it. It melts my heart, and I think it will melt yours too this Valentine's Day. P.S- this music video will also melt your heart.

16. Prayed For You- Matt Stell

Another song about loving someone before you actually got to love them. This song is about praying for the person that will one day love you and all of the little character traits that they have that you'll need one day. It is absolutely touching in so many ways.

17. Tip of My Tongue- Kenny Chesney

This song speaks for itself. Made by the one and only, Kenny Chesney, it is full of all kinds of lyrics about being fully in love with and under the control of the person you are with.

18. Maybe We Will- Noah Schnacky

This song is about when you are falling in love with someone and thinking about all of the potential that this love has in store for you. It might just be your last first's with someone, could be the story you end up telling your kids, and everything in between. This song can make anyone's heart swoon.

19. Speechless- Dan + Shay

I was trying really hard not to repeat artists for this, but Dan + Shay are just too good at creating these love songs for us. Plus, so many people know the song that it was IMPOSSIBLE for me not to put it in the list. This song has me speechless quite honestly and I think everyone should be streaming this song during Valentine's Day.

20. Notice- Thomas Rhett

Finally, we have one of Thomas Rhett's newer songs about all the things he notices about his love that she thinks he doesn't notice anymore. He obviously holds it all in his heart and is able to sing it out to the whole world. It makes me want to fall for someone who will notice everything about me too.

21. BONUS SONG: Beer Never Broke My Heart- Luke Combs

Let's be honest, I threw in this bop for everyone who doesn't have anyone to love during this Valentine's Day, but loves a good country song.

There you have it, a whole bunch of country music that I will be listening to over the next couple of weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, despite being perpetually single. That's what this music is here for though.

If you are looking for more country love songs, click here for a Spotify playlist!

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