Boys, How Do You Manage Dating Girls, When I Can't Even Friend One

Boys, How Do You Manage Dating Girls, When I Can't Even Friend One

All things sugar and sweet...and a dash of insanity.


Why do people voluntarily date females?

I mean, I understand the whole soft skin, plump lips and "Bruh, she so hot" scenarios.

But when it comes down to the simple facts, just how? I've had my fair share of female interactions. From sleep away camps, to girls only soccer teams and being separate from the boys during church activities. Every time we would leave the boys I felt the room becoming colder. As they take off their fake smiles that they used to impress one another and let their real colors show.

Girls are pretty ugly. Honestly, something pretty vicious.

Between the gossip, the backstabbing, the "I'm not going to tell you how I really feel, so let me be passive towards you" mindset, they aren't just rude but insanely confusing. Girls speak their own language and expect every other female in their species to understand what the h*ck they are talking about. Well, news flash, I grew up in the same girl world as you and I still have no idea what you are talking about.

With boys, it has always been easy.

A guy thinks you are ugly at school, he is going to tell you. He will walk straight up to you, look deep into your soul, pull your ping tail and say, "You are ugly. Nobody will ever love you." Meanwhile, the other half of the population is giving their fake I love you smiles and commented on your latest Instagram post, "Omg girl, you are so CUTE". And then turn around to her friend and be like, "Omg, did you just see what so and so posted. Yikes! Why does she photoshop herself so much." Girls are fake. From their overly tan shade of concealer to her tight fake smile. We can see the true colors that she has placed numerous concealer coats over. Nothing truly hides pure ugly.

So, boys of the world. What is your secret?

How are you able to hang out with the female species for countless hours and fall in love with them? Cause, honestly I just can't. I have a handful of true, good female friends. That are blunt and honest. Who, no offense ladies, act more like a stereotypical dude then the rest of the girls I have ever met in my life. So, how are you boys handling the girls of the world today? How do you manage their fake personalities and endless high-pitch laughter?

I've never felt like one of the girls.

The girl world was always cold and felt like I was trapped in a mind-game. And it is not like I have tried to understand females. Understand why we as a species put on our fake smiles and try to act like we love someone. Why we act like something does not bother us. And then snap and cut the person out when they don't read our passive, silence signals. Like news flash, nobody is a mind-reader. Start speaking up and saying something when things bother you.

I feel like boys must know the secret.

So, what is it , boys? What is the secret behind handling a girl? You must have some good ones, cause from the girl who can't stand being friends with females, I surely don't know how you do it.

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9 Things Girly Tomboys Know Too Well

It's all about balance.

Most girls are either girly girls or tomboys, but for some of us, we are a cross between the two. We are a rare breed between wearing dresses and shotgunning beers. We can relate to other girls but play sports with the boys without batting an eye. It's all about balance like balancing your ratio of pieces of pizza to how many pieces of cake you'll still be able to eat.

1. You love your comfy clothes.

You wish you could live the rest of your life in your favorite pair of sweatpants, yet you know you have to "adult" sometimes and put on more socially acceptable clothes.

2. You don't love shopping.

You find it a real hassle to drive all the way to the mall, just to aimlessly walk around looking for expensive clothes that you can't afford. Your one saving grace is the food court, that's your happy place.

3. You LOVE food.

Most of the time when you're in a bad mood it's because no one has fed you in a few hours. When you finally get that burger you've needed, you don't care who sees you devour it.

4. You're not graceful.

When you wear heels you look like a baby giraffe learning to walk. You wonder how these other girls glide around in heels while you're falling in trash cans.

5. You love wearing a dress.

You love wearing a dress, because think about it, it's one piece of clothing instead of having to put an entire outfit together. But you are sure to always wear some shorts under it, knowing that if shenanigans present themselves a dress isn't going to stop you from participating in the festivities.

6. Your makeup routine takes 10 minutes or less.

Sometimes you get in a girly mood and try to watch makeup tutorials, the end result never turns out well and normally results in you wiping it all off and eating an entire frozen pizza instead.

7. You love playing/watching sports.

You feel at home on the field or court, you're never afraid to get down and dirty when it comes to your favorite sport. You'd rather watch sports than "Say Yes to the Dress."

8. You love beer.

If given the choice between a fruity girly drink or a nice cold beer, there is no hesitation for you, beer it is.

9. Sometimes you just really don't know what kind of girl you are.

You don't consider yourself a girly girl, a tomboy, or anything else the best title is a girly tomboy.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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I Won't Forgive The Anti-Semitic Students Of Spain Park, Not Yet

Maybe it isn't time for an apology.


I am Jewish. It is something I have never been afraid of and something I value as much in life as I do with my family and friends. Throughout my life, though I have witnessed hate of the Jewish people and jokes made about Jewish people.

In high school, I had to listen to jokes about Jews and the gas chambers and was asked because I was Jewish if I could do someone else's math homework.

To say I had to deal with anti-Semitism in the South does not come close to describing what I had to go through. As time went by the jokes stopped and I thought I would not have to deal with instances of prejudice or bigotry but I was wrong. Growing up as one of the only Jewish people in my friend group and in high school it made me consider myself strong and ready for college but in my freshman year I had to go through other jokes about my religion and even in sophomore year had to witness someone I thought was my friend make a joke about my religion because "he thought it was funny."

I let the instances of anti-Semitism serve as times when I could prove people wrong I learned to forgive and forget.

But I had to witness other acts of hate towards Judaism while in college. From swastikas on a fraternity house, a synagogue shooting, the BDS movement and more hate speech, the hate towards Jews have seemed to grow and I do not understand why. I get hurt each time I hear of an instance but it has not allowed me to view my Judaism any differently. However, there was an occurrence that has affected me in a different way.

It happened in my home state and it has not sat well with me.

On Monday a video surfaced of multiple high school students making anti-Semitic and anti-Black comments. The video featured a guy turning around the camera multiple times to show he was laughing and thought it was funny while others made comments about concentration camps, what would happen if Jews ruled the world and asking what the world would be like without the Holocaust. The students were from Spain Park in Birmingham and have gathered quite a reputation online.

To say I am filled with anger, disappointment, and embarrassment is an understatement.

This is my home state and these students are not only disrespecting the Jewish and Black people in the state of Alabama but throughout the US and possibly even in the world. I am hurt by this instance but I am not ready to forgive these students just yet.

After the video was leaked online some of the students sent messages to the person who uploaded the video apologizing. That I took as a mature gesture until I read the apology from the girl in the video. The apology asked if the user could remove the video because it would ruin her life and reputation. It was later found out that the female student is the daughter of the manager of the Toyota dealership in Hoover after the manager posted an apology.

Any remorse I had going for these students was now gone.

They were not sorry. They were sorry that they got caught and were facing consequences. They gave the apology that your parents made you say when you did not want to apologize. They did not care about who they had harmed or what they had said, they cared because they had to face consequences and they know that this mistake would follow them for the rest of their life.

I'm at a loss for words.

I don't know how to feel. I know someone will tell me I am overreacting but how am I supposed to approach this? What they said was wrong and there is no proper way to express frustration for it. I know people get offended by certain things but some things are not meant to be a joke. So I hope what you said was worth it and was fun to say because it will follow you for the rest of your life. Some lessons are best-learned overtime and it looks like you will have a chance to reflect on these events.

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