As a writer, I am obsessed with words. Obviously, right? I'm always looking in newspapers and books and underlining and highlighting new words to look up later. A friend of mine bought me a desk calendar recently that has a new word for every day, so over the past couple of months I've collected a notebook full of words that I've come across. I've put together a little list of a few of my personal favorites, just in case you're needing some important-sounding words for that summer essay (that we've all totally started).

1. Acquiesce (v.) to assent tacitly; submit or comply silently or without protest; consent; agree

2. Allure (v.) To entice, tempt; to be attracted to; (n.) fascination; charm

3. Contentious (adj.) quarrelsome; inclined to argue

4. Eidetic (adj.) marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images

5. Fimbriated (adj.) having the edge or extremity bordered by slender processes; fringed

6. Fulgent (adj.) dazzlingly bright; radiant

7. Gossamer (adj.) extremely light, delicate, or tenuous

8. Impenitent (adj.) not feeling regret about one’s sin or sins

9. Infinitesimal (adj.) indefinitely or exceedingly small; minute

10. Maudlin (adj.) tearfully or weakly emotional; foolishly sentimental

11. Per contra (adv.) on the contrary; by way of contrast (Good for essays, guys!)

12. Placid (adj.) pleasantly calm or peaceful; tranquil; serene or calm; undisturbed

13. Pluvial (adj.) of or relating to rain; characterized by abundant rain

14. Transpicuous (adj.) clearly seen through or understood

15. Ubiquitous (adj.) existing or being everywhere at the same time; constantly encountered

Now go off and use these new beautiful words!