Holidays That Need More Recognition: March Version!
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Holidays That Need More Recognition: March Version!

Just fifteen more reasons to smile! :)

Holidays That Need More Recognition: March Version!

It's March of 2019, and though I'm a week late, it's time for an 'underappreciated holidays' article! Here I have fifteen because there are so many interesting ones, and I couldn't choose. Look to this list for a quick dose of daily happiness! Here are fifteen different reasons to celebrate, even if it's a small celebration. We need to look for the bright spots in our lives so that we don't get sucked into a dark spiral of unhappiness. Find reasons to smile with me, and celebrate some of these holidays!

National Dress Day! -March 6

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I love dresses, because there are so many forms. There's the formal, semi-formal, and casual, with thousands of styles in between, and ingrained inside of them. Take today to pick out a special dress just for the occasion!

National Cereal Day -March 7

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Cereal is a typical breakfast for most people. It gives us energy for the rest of the day so we can survive! Give a little love to the breakfast food of champions and celebrate the seventh!

National Promposal Day -March 11

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With prom right around the corner for so many high schoolers, and other dances coming up for any age, the 10th is a great day to celebrate the fun in the elegance of prom.

National Napping Day -March 11

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Also on the 11th is National Napping Day! This is one of the best on the list, because a little nap can go a long way! That small rest can give a huge burst of energy, especially on a day as eventful as one with a promposal in it!

National Pie Day! -March 14

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March 14th is: 3/14, the first three digits of pie! Celebrate by eating pie, or by learning a few more digits than you already know. Impress (or, let's be real, annoy) your friends by memorizing all the way back a hundred digits, or more!

National Corndog Day -March 16

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Let's be real, corndogs aren't the best. The idea--revolutionary. The taste? On average, typically stale or tough to eat. That doesn't mean we can't celebrate the carnival food, though! Eat a corndog on the 16th to celebrate with us!

Awkward Moments Day -March 18

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Things that seem deathly embarrassing today can be really funny stories for tomorrow. Take an awkward moment and put a positive spin on it for the 18th! Share an awkward story with someone else to encourage laughter and happiness!

International Day of Happiness -March 20

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Couldn't we all use a little more happiness? A day centered around it is a great opportunity for a random act of kindness! Go out of your way once or twice on the 20th to do something nice for someone else, and watch your happiness and kindness spread!

National Proposal Day -March 20

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Same day as the International Day of Happiness--Coincidence? I think not! Proposals are one of the happiest moments for the girl getting proposed to. Let's encourage love! If you're ready for marriage, and are thinking of some creative proposals, do it on the 20th to tie your proposal in with a holiday!

National Poetry Day -March 21

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Poetry is a beautiful language that can express how we feel and what we've experiences in gorgeous rhyme or rhythm! Celebrate the day by starting with a poem. My favorite authors are Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Alfred Lord Tennyson.

National Goof Off Day -March 22

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A whole day dedicated to letting loose and not stressing is exactly what we all need! Celebrate the 22nd by goofing off! Maybe don't do it where you'd get in trouble (i.e. school or work.), or where being serious is imperative.

National Puppy Day -March 23

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In the Pet Pyramid, puppies rank #1. There's nothing quite as cute as a fluffy little puppy running everywhere or playing around. Take a moment to visit the special pup in your life, and give 'em your best wishes!

International Waffle Day

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Speaking of pyramids, in the food pyramid, waffles outrank everything--except meat. Waffles are, and always will be, better than pancakes!

Respect Your Cat Day -March 28

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Okay, okay, I added a point about puppies, I'll add one for cats too. Cats seem to be more proper, prim pets, and therefore apparently they demand respect. Give your cat a little respect! What that means, I'm not sure entirely, but there is a whole day dedicated to it, so it must make sense.

National Backup Day -March 31

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As a writer, photographer, and a college student, I understand from personal failure, just how important backing up your files can be. Use the 31st to remember, and and backup everything, especially those precious pictures from your past!

March is full of interesting holidays, just ready to be celebrated! Pick a couple, and let's get celebrating!

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