12 Things to do in NYC This Summer
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12 Things To Do In NYC This Summer

Summer break is approaching and I know many of us are staying in the city to work, complete an internship, or get ahead with a summer class. If you're also looking to take a break, get a good photo-op, or simply take advantage of a warm NYC, I have compiled a list of free/cheap activities to take advantage of in order to make summer '19 the best one yet. For reference, I have starred activities that are free. Enjoy and get out there!

12 Things To Do In NYC This Summer

The High Line*


One of my personal favorites, the High Line is approximately a mile and a half in length and takes you down the Lower East Side. Take in some beautiful views of the water and new architectural installments, as well as floral elements added to this converted train track turned walkway. And make a day of it! Hop off one of the entrances to get a drink or a bite to eat on a sunny day.

The Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History*


Best to visit at night, the planetarium located on the upper west is a New York City treasure. Go with friends or that special someone to take in the view of otherwise non-visible stars. Located in a lovely neighborhood and close to the subway, it's easy to grab dinner and head over to this lesser-known NYC spot.

Riverside Park*


Riverside Park, located along the Upper West Side, is a great place to take a stroll with friends, picnic, and experience both the beauty of the Upper West Side architecture as well as one of the prettiest outdoor spaces NYC has to offer. Especially if you're over Central Park and the tourists it brings in, this is a great place to spend the day.

A Yankees Game


Inexpensive if you buy tickets in advance, Yankee Stadium is a short ride on the D train from both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. Take someone out to the ball game! Eat some peanuts and cracker jacks!

Boating in Central Park


There are several boat-rental locations spaced around Central Park. I recommend making a reservation for a temperate morning and going solo with a book or with friends for a scenic row. This is an amazing place to take a sweet photo and get a different and unique view of the park.

Bar Nine*

Are you over the actually terrible and overpriced Fordham bars? Bar Nine is a short walk from Fordham Lincoln Center and boasts live piano music on a nearly nightly basis, and with a request and a few bucks, pianists will play nearly anything you want. With no cover and great vibes, check out this Hell's Kitchen place to be.

St. Mark's


If you're looking for a place to get a few drinks and then buy a pipe and get a piercing in the same place, this is it. Filled with cool places to shop inspired by the punk scene and subsequently interesting places to window shop, this summer you should absolutely make the journey to this neighborhood on the Lower East Side.

Sheep's Meadow*

Less populated than the Great Lawn of Central Park, Sheep's Meadow is a great place to sit with friends with a bottle of wine. If you're looking for a good place to take a sit on a day in the city this is a sunny spot to sub out crowds for clouds.



Williamsburg is a hip spot to grab a bite to eat at a gastro-pub or a pint at a dive bar. If you're bored of the Bronx and Manhattan, Brooklyn is also a nice place to shake things up a bit. Also, make sure to check out venues such as Brooklyn Steel for inexpensive and intimate concerts.


I always strongly suggest to people interested in thrifting who could theoretically afford to buy clothes at retail prices that they bring clothes to donate when they thrift. It is important that, if we use resources meant for disadvantaged communities, we help in the cause as well. That being said, some of my favorite shops to frequent are the Salvation Army under the Fordham 4 train stop, Buffalo Exchange, Beacon's Closet, and Crossroads.

South Street Seaport*


South Street Seaport is an outdoor area and boat dock on the southern tip. There are grassy areas to sit next to the water, making this a beautiful and temperate location to grab a coffee and chat with friends while enjoying a view of the Brooklyn Bridge and East River.

Coney Island


Albeit a bit of a journey (about a 2-hour public transportation commute), Coney Island can be made into a great weekend day-trip. With rides, a beach, and fair food, Coney Island is a nice little vacation away from the city.

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