12 Texts College Girls Get During Winter Break, Like Freaking Clockwork
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12 Texts College Girls Get During Winter Break, Like Freaking Clockwork

"Can you be my Christmas present?"

12 Texts College Girls Get During Winter Break, Like Freaking Clockwork

So we all know those people who only hit you up when the break hits, and the excuses pile on like that 12 inches of snow we got.

You only hear from those select girl and guy friends when they need something or want a favor; then there are a few actual good friends you hear from during the holidays.

Here are all those texts that us girls get when we are home on Winter break.

1. "Want to come over and cuddle?"

We all know the true meaning of this text. It is probably 2 a.m, you were probably asleep, and he was probably wanting something a little more than cuddling.

2. "Hey girl! Let's go get drinks!"

This is probably that high school girlfriend who you see posting selfies while she is out drinking, every weekend. She wants you to go out with her so you can drive her home, not to get drinks WITH her, but to support her when she is falling over from drinking.

3. "Let's hookup."

There's that straightforward text that you're getting at 2 a.m, instead of that 'let's cuddle' crap.

4. "Can you be my Christmas present?"

This just makes me cringe.

5. "Are you done with your degree yet?"

This comes from either those former friends who are already done or nearing completion or those family members you wish would stop prying into your personal life/achievements. (Or lack thereof.)

6. "Can you be my DD?"

Another, more honest, version of #2.

7. "Want to be my kiss when the ball drops?"

This can have many versions, everything from a kiss at midnight to that determined guy trying to hook up with you every break you're home.

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8. "Come to this Christmas party!"

Usually from the ones who don't go home for the holidays, or already live on their own completely; and no you don't go, because it is either at a tiny apartment or you are jealous of their security and stability in having their own home.

9. "When are you coming back?"

Those on campus only friends, that truly miss you. Hurry back home now, ya hear?

10. "Is your sister/brother single?"

The struggle of having attractive siblings. No, my sister is happily married, thanks anyway.

11. "Happy Holidays!"

It is Merry Christmas and Happy New Year people. But this is a personal preference.

12. "See you in a few weeks."

And just like that, you realize the winter break is not as long as you need it to be. Classes start up again in about a month, and you wish that you had a good old-fashioned 'summer'-like-break.

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