12 Reasons Why The Big Comfy Couch Was A Great Part Of Our Childhood
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12 Reasons Why The Big Comfy Couch Was A Great Part Of Our Childhood

Loonette and Molly, a clown and her dolly.

12 Reasons Why The Big Comfy Couch Was A Great Part Of Our Childhood

The Big Comfy Couch was one of the best TV shows of our childhood. Way before clowns were running through the neighborhoods looking to hurt people, our TV shows made clowns seem lovable and fun. The Big Comfy Couch was on the air from 1992-2006 so many of us grew up with Loonette the Clown and her doll friend, Molly. Here are 12 reasons why 'The Big Comfy Couch' was a great part of our childhood.

1. The theme song was classic

I can still sing all the words at 20 years old.

2. Molly’s thought bubbles were the best and relatable

3. The clock stretches

I was that child who got on the floor and did Loonette's exact moves

4. Important life lessons were taught

5. Fuzzy and Wuzzy, the dust bunnies who were so cute. You're lying if you say you didn't want one as a pet

6. Loonette's reading glasses made glasses so much cooler

7. The random things she pulled out of her couch were entertaining

but we never questioned why she had things, like a brick, in her couch

8. The Molly Dolly was owned by mostly every kid growing up

Mine is in my closet and I refuse to ever get rid of it

9. Her clean up time was equally as magical as Mary Poppins'

10. Loonette's dance moves though...

The one's where she is actually on her feet will make you laugh until you cry

11. Loonette was played by the same girl for 10 years before someone else took over but the audience didn't notice which adds on to the greatness of the show

*cough cough* at Halloweentown thinking they can just switch out Marnie's actress for the last film.. yes, we noticed and yes, we're still mad.

12. The other characters were just as great as Loonette and Molly

The Foley Family, Granny Garbanzo, Snicklefritz, Auntie Macassar, Major Bedhead, Uncle Chester, and Wobbly, just to name a few.

This show was truly so simple but brought so much happiness to the lives of the kid's who watched it. Thank you Big Comfy Couch for being such a great part of my childhood.

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