11 Reasons To Love Fetty Wap
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11 Reasons To Love Fetty Wap

If you don't already love Fetty Wap, here's a few reasons to consider becoming a fan.

11 Reasons To Love Fetty Wap

Yeaaah Baby! Fetty Wap was a breakout artist of 2015. With hits like "Again," "679," and his first major hit, "Trap Queen," Fetty Wap took the music scene by storm. If you aren’t already a Fetty Wap fan, here’s a list of reasons that will make you a fan of the New Jersey native.

1. His music is catchy.

Do not tell me that you didn’t sing your hearts out to 679 every single time it came on the radio or at a party. His music may be overplayed, but it’s still catchy and always gets people in the partying mood.

2. He has one eye and isn’t afraid to poke fun at it.

When Fetty Wap was young, he had glaucoma in both eyes. Doctors were not able to save his left eye. He doesn’t let his imperfections stop him. In fact, he even bring a little humor to them.

3. He is an inspiration to people growing up in rough neighborhoods.

Fetty Wap is from Paterson, New Jersey. He posted an Instagram post about how rough of a neighborhood it truly is. Anyone that grows up in a rough neighborhood has the ability to turn their lives around.

4. He is a success story.

He didn’t let his difficult upbringing stop him from being successful. Fetty Wap loves to show off his wealth. Not necessarily in a bragging matter; He's just proud of how far he has come. In the words of Drake "started from the bottom we're here."

5. Fetty Wap loves to give back.

For Thanksgiving, he handed out turkeys to families that were in need. He also went to Garden State Plaza, a mall in Paramus, NJ, and threw money to people. He claimed that he handed the money out because you never know who is in need.

6. He cares about his friends.

As previously stated, he grew up underprivileged. Monty and Fetty Wap grew up together. After making it big, Fetty Wap gave Monty a brand new BMW for Christmas. Talk about bros for life.

7. He has a daughter.

Fetty Wap has a baby daughter. He is trying to be successful so his daughter does not have to have the same type of childhood he had.

8. He was a guest at Taylor Swift’s concert.

Who doesn’t love Taylor Swift? Fetty Wap was one of the artists that Taylor invited to her concert. The two sang together on stage during her 1989 tour.

9. He has the cutest smile.

Doesn't that smile just make you want to smile as well? I think so.

10. He is about to go on a nationwide tour.

Fetty Wap is about to go on a nationwide tour. People all across the country now have the chance to sing "Trap Queen" and "Again" along with him at a concert. Coming to a city near you.

11. You can follow him on Snapchat.

Fetty Wap is one of the few celebrities that let you follow them on snapchat. You get to see what he is up to on a daily basis. Sometimes he is shopping for gold or hanging with the Remy Boyz. If you want to follow him on snapchat, his user name is FettyWap1738.

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