10 Times 'Grey's Anatomy' Summed Up Your College Life Perfectly
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10 Times 'Grey's Anatomy' Summed Up Your College Life Perfectly

We all go through it... even your fave characters!

10 Times 'Grey's Anatomy' Summed Up Your College Life Perfectly

1. You always feel like you’re either missing something, doing something wrong, or just sucking at what you’re doing.

Whether it's homework, an essay, preparing for a presentation, or just trying to figure out what all is due that week, your head begins to spin and you always wonder, "Is it just me? Or am I making it this hard all by myself?"

2. You always feel like you’re behind.

So most of the time, you sit there staring blankly, contemplating how this all happened to begin with and why you let all this work pile up around you like a castle. Oh, and don't forget, it's all due at 11:59 tonight. :)

3. You're always tired.

You would kill to be sedated, considering you've been up going on 72 hours now and all you have left in your system are those 3 cups of coffee you just downed before walking into that 8 am class for the final.

4. You always question whether you should change your major or not.

Should you be a nursing major considering you're scared of needles and can't seem to pass your anatomy class? Or should you become a surgeon if you can't even pass your simple elective courses because you'd much rather be sleeping? You're flawed. It's okay. Everyone has been there, including Derek.

5. Netflix nights by yourself are your favorite--because they almost never, ever happen!

Because just like Callie said, "YOU LOVE HER." (her as in Netflix) Plus, Netflix never fails to make your lazy day better and your life as a college student a little less stressful.

6. Every morning when you wake up, you question whether the degree is worth it or not.

You have this special relationship with your bed where even though you're supposed to be up and getting ready for class, attempting to look somewhat human-like, your bed does not complain when you continue to hit the snooze button and stay bundled up like a cinnamon roll made only out of cotton sheets.

7. You always look like you're mad.

"Why do you always look so pissed off?" "I'm not, this is just my face.." That's what University life will do for ya.

8. There's always that one kid in class who talks just a little too much for you liking and gets WAY too lit during class discussions.

What she said!! Like please, it is 8 am and you look like you've been awake since 4:30 with your smiling face and high, squeaky, and thrilled-to-answer-any-question-asked voice. Just shut up. K, thanks.

9. Your new catch phrase is: "I am fine. Everything is fine."

........As you are going through a psychological breakdown that has lasted for the last 2 days and you feel like you have no hope or energy left to continue living on anymore.

10. Your only goal each week is to just make it to Friday. And when you FINALLY do...


Thank you Grey's Anatomy for constantly keeping us away from all my responsibilities, but also perfectly describing our lives as struggling college students.

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