10 Things To Remember When Having An Anxiety/Panic Attack
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10 Things To Remember When Having An Anxiety/Panic Attack

You will be okay.

10 Things To Remember When Having An Anxiety/Panic Attack
Ian Cleary

Having an anxiety problem is probably the worst thing to have. Take it from someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. However, there are some things that can help you through your anxiety problem and possibly help you overcome it. Just remember these ten things:

1. It's normal to feel like this.

Personally, I know how both anxiety and panic attacks feel and it's the worst. Feeling like you might pass out or as if you are physically not here. But it's perfectly fine to feel like this

2. You will be fine.

Yes, I know it is not the most comforting feeling in the world, but you just have to remember that through it all, you will be fine. When I keep telling myself I'll be fine through my anxiety outburst, it helps calm me down somewhat.

3. Just because you feel like this now, does not mean you always will.

Just remember that you've been through this before. And you can get through it this time as well.

4. Do not care what others will think.

Thinking about what others will think of your anxiety will only make your anxiety worse. Take care of yourself and remember no one's opinion matters.

5. Just breathe.

Remember to focus on your breathing and take deep breathes.

6. Do something that will help relax you.

Whether it's being alone or being held by someone, be sure to do something that will put you at ease. Sleeping it off can really help, especially if you have the right person with you to help you through it.

7. Stay positive.

Thinking positive thoughts can help reduce your anxiety. Try to remember all the great memories you've experienced or think of something that you're looking forward to in the week coming up.

8. Stay away from foods and drinks that can trigger it.

Sugary foods and caffeinated drinks can trigger that anxious feeling you're getting. Instead, try drinking tea or eating crackers to help ease your anxiety.

9. You are not alone.

A majority of the population suffers from anxiety. It's a common disorder that many other people have.

10. Do not be afraid to talk about it.

Talking to other people can possibly help. Tell them how you feel or what you're going through. Talking about your anxiety to other people can help them know what you're going through and what they can do to help you through it. Even talking to other people who suffer from anxiety. You can learn new ways to overcome anxiety that they might use.

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