10 Signs You're An Old Soul Of All Time
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10 Signs You're An Old Soul Of All Time

10 Signs You're An Old Soul Of All Time
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For those of you who may be wondering if you are an old soul, here are 10 signs that indicate you may be!

1. You wonder about the true meaning of life

It isn’t uncommon to catch an old soul sitting at their desk, looking out the window and pondering life. Many of us old souls enjoying thinking about our lives and wondering what purpose we serve. We’re considered to be dreamers and often gaze into the stars and wonder who/what we’ll be in 20 years from now.

2. You love to have fun, but you often overthink the possible consequences

Old souls can be extremely fun individuals, but tend to worry about what may happen as a potential consequence to what we’re doing. We may find ourselves wanting to have fun, but acknowledging what could possibly go wrong and effect our future. After all, we as old souls take our future and life as a whole very sincerely.

3. Being told you look 15, but act 30

There have been several accounts where I have been told I look 15 and others who have complimented me on my maturity—talk about feeling out of place. Old souls typically do not feel they fit in with their age group and prefer engaging with those who are older than them.

4. Your friends frequently refer you to be the “mom” or “dad” of the group

If you’re an old soul with many young-souled friends, it may be possible that you were referred to as the “mom” or “dad of your group. Old souls are commonly the one’s who always think about what could go right, but also go wrong; we always come prepared for anything!

5. You don’t mind alone time

For an old soul, time alone is the best time of day. It is the time you take for yourself to relax, relax and renew to be the best version of you. Having an increased amount of alone time is looked highly upon and considered to be healthy in the eyes of an old soul.

6. Many people naturally feel comfortable confiding in you with all their life problems

As a fellow old soul, I have had countless folks approach me and ask for advice throughout my brief nineteen years of life. Old souls tend to have a deeper understanding of those around them, which often gives others a sense of comfort. You know you’re an old soul when someone older with far more experience comes to you for advice.

7. There’s nothing like indulging on a classic life movie

As an old soul, you may frequently notice your love for life movies. Curling up under a blanket and watching the Notebook or the Bucket List, are just some of the few things old souls tend to appreciate and look fondly upon.

8.You have a great appreciation for past generations

Appreciating and listening to old tunes is something the typical old soul enjoys doing with their time. Many of these old songs like, “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole or “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra, are smiled upon by old souls. They encapsulate the timeless feeling and classic culture of the 1940’s and 50’s, that many young souls fail to remember.

9. Your love life may seem hopeless at times

Most old souls are not in it for a quick second, rather they are in it for the long run. Old souls have a difficult time going from relationship to relationship like young-souls do; they are dreamers who crave love that will last forever and fear going forward with the thought of potential heartbreak. They often find themselves looking for love that comes few and far between, leaving them to feel hopeless at times. Many old souls believe if their love interest is not in it for the long run, they may as well not even try in the first place. Old souls are passionate lovers and often cherish love for what it has to offer more than any other type of person.

10. You feel too old to be so young

If you are an old soul, some days you will catch yourself thinking about how long your life has felt compared to how long you have actually been living. With an old soul’s perspective on life, you often understand people more than others, having experienced more for your age. Sometimes it may be a struggle for old souls to fit in with the younger crowd when touching upon deep and touchy subjects that young souls may not understand.

Being an old soul comes with a vast appreciation for life and all of it’s experiences, positive or negative. Old souls more often than not, are extremely loving and affectionate people who ponder life and truly live it to the fullest.

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