10 Reasons To Fry Your Brain With The Maine
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10 Reasons To Fry Your Brain With The Maine

The best "Arizona Emo Group" out there.

10 Reasons To Fry Your Brain With The Maine

Since 2007,The Maine has been stuck in their fan's heads (and hearts) with their addictive songs and award winning personalities. If this band sounds totally alien to you, you're in for a treat. Regardless of what they're doing, it's guaranteed that they're spreading positivity. Through their witty lyrics and the way they engage with their audience, they're a band to be reckoned with.

These guys serve as role models, encouraging self-love and growth. Whether you've been listening to years or minutes, being a fan of theirs just feels organic. Their fanbase feels more like a family and with that being said, welcome! Read on to get ready to (re) fall in love with this quintuple!

1. They Love Their Fans

Plot twist: and they show it! From the band's birth, they were never shy about it and haven't lost any steam! At Warped last summer, instead of taking shelter from the blistering heat, they were outside with everyone else before the gates opened, graciously meeting fans as they invited everyone to their set.

2. Cash Them Ousside

And no, you don't need to be a VIP. In fact, they think its absurd to pay to meet a person. The banner for their meet and greet at Warped last summer said, "Why Would You Pay Money To Meet A Human Being?". They always prioritize meeting fans. Often times, they'll post their location and make a habit of hanging outside after shows. They're super welcoming and genuinely nice human beings. How bow dah?

3. All The Right Moves

Their dancing and this video are perfect reminders to always be yourself! Surely they could've choreographed a video that would make Beyoncé's twins start kicking, but what fun would that be? Besides, they're all kinds of pretty with these moves. Make them proud and dance like no ones watching!

4. They're Beauty And Grace.

Clearly their end goal isn't to impress us, although they do. Always true to themselves, they'll constantly remind you that beauty comes from within and they use their ensembles to express themselves. Besides, if not Patrick, who would rock that dress?

5. Stay Fashionable

They won't play you in to being a walking advertisement. Their wide variety of apparel and accessories will seamlessly compliment your look. You can find exclusive merch all from their label doubling as a store, 81twentythree. Plus you won't break the bank for these styles!

6. Mindless Followers Aren't Their Thing

We've all been to shows where fans take the band way too seriously. They'll scream whenever the singer opens their mouth and catch an attitude if someone's head is in the way of their video. These guys have a concert culture all their own that empowers their audience to be active participants. John O' is known for getting people dancing and eloquently requesting that you take your phone and “shove it up your ass”.

7. They Slay Covers

It's no easy task to cover a popular hit so well that it sounds like an original song. This group puts their soul in to it with their signature sound. Hear for yourself.

8. Each Album Reflects Life

They use their words and sounds with care. They don't settle for creating a single that'll get your head bobbing. They craft each song with a vision to express what they're feeling in a relatable fashion.They don't side with safety. With that being said, each of their albums is different. They don't take the easy way out by sticking to the style that made them rise in the charts. They're creative process is completely honest and they fearlessly put out work that they are whole-heartedly proud of.

9. All About Aesthetics

Each of their videos are totally unique and fitting for the song even if the lyrics don't totally match the visuals. Whether they're making you laugh or feel something you'd been suppressing, they'll surely impress you. It's a testament to their creative minds and their ability to transcend the test of time.

10. They Believe In Themselves

Being the coolest band in the lineup or having a song on Glee isn't on their To-Do list. Extending their creative bounds is their priority. Once they split from major labels, they took off running. Free of restrictions, they now express themselves, even in their most vulnerable states. In their forthcoming album, Forever Halloween, they bravely draw from personal experiences, anticipating less than pleasant calls from those in their past. It's not about the money or fame.

They wear their hearts on their sleeves when they father their songs. They show that it's worth fighting for.

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