10 Questions To Ask A New Friend
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10 Questions To Ask A New Friend

For those of us who are straight-up exhausted of small talk-- let's mix it up a little.

10 Questions To Ask A New Friend

Conversation is really, really important to me. Think about it--what a special gift that we have, just to know someone and be blessed by their thoughts and jokes and stories. But what if you don't know how to start? Quite often when we meet someone new, we can't figure out what to say and the discussion fizzles out before it even starts. Read below for some ideas on how to get to know someone better, faster.

What's the color of your soul today?


In other words, what is your emotional state? What has been occupying your thoughts, and what color do you associate with the feelings you have?

If you could replace the main actor or actress from any film with Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc., who would you choose?


I love hearing the goofy answers to this. My go-to is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson from San Andreas.

What is something that happened today that made you happy?


This question goes beyond "how was your day." It introduces an opportunity to reflect and be mindful of what is important to a person and how this life has moments of such beauty.

What did you get in trouble for when you were a kid? P.S. Do you still get in trouble for it?


It always makes me giggle when I hear a full-grown adult reminiscing about lying to their parents that they didn't feed their veggies to the family dog as a child.

What do you think is the most fundamental human desire?


Be careful with this one-- it gets real deep, real fast. What I've found is when people answer this question, it also gives you insight into how they live their lives. For example, I think catharsis is the most fundamental human desire (Inception, anyone?). I spend a lot of my time solving problems and I'm studying a health science so that I can provide rest and peace for people. Makes sense, right?

What is your most favorite time of day?


Some people say mornings, or nighttimes. Others say a specific few minutes each day when they wake up with their family, or see a significant other. What a sweet way to celebrate people's personalities!

If you only had 90 seconds to go to the grocery store, what would you get?


This is how to find out if someone is a health nut or a vegan or a pretzel fiend or a picky eater. I'd choose cereal and bell peppers.

What song have you been listening to on repeat lately?


Great segue into talking about what music you love listening to. Of course, everyone has an opinion about country. Ask them! Ask why! Celebrate your differences!

What is your most precious human relationship?

Is it a significant other/spouse? A family member? A roommate or friend? A coworker? A child? The possibilities are endless. This question is so fruitful for developing shared empathy. Almost everyone has someone they love, someone they let their guard down with, someone to tackle life with.

Do you want to grab coffee sometime?


Friends love coffee days! Eating or drinking together in a casual place can be so fun.

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