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10 Most helpful Study Tips I Have Learned In College

  1. Make your own study guide. Many teachers give you study guides but even then it can be helpful to create your own that is more specific to what you know you need the most practice on.
  2. Utilize your resources. Merrimack provides great resources for free such as the math center and other area specific tutors. Additionally, most of the teachers here are great about having flexible office hours.
  3. Start studying at least one week before a test. This will allow more time to study obviously but also enough time to seek out the resources you may not know you need until you start studying.
  4. Use blue pen. I don't know why it works, but a professor told me to try writing with blue pen, and it really has improved my memorization abilities. A part of this, as well, is writing notes by hand which will improve memorization.
  5. Study at night. For many people, studying at night or later in the day actually produces better memorization. That being said, please don't try studying at 2am if you have a test at 8am the next morning.
  6. Understand the material before you memorize it. It will be much more difficult to memorize formulas if you don't know what they mean. This will also make it harder to memorize it incorrectly.
  7. Teach others what you're studying. Whether you teach your friends, classmates or even family it can be helpful trying to teach others what you're learning. If they have questions about what you're saying that's all the better.
  8. Try taking notes from the slides or textbook the day before class. When you go to class bring the notes and a different colored pen and write down any new information as well as underlining anything the teacher says is important or goes over a lot.
  9. Study somewhere with limited distractions. The most important thing I've realized since getting to college is that studying in your room does not work. Find somewhere with the right amount of background noise and comfort to get your best work done.

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Bonnaroo Is Unlike Any Other Music Festival

4 days of camping, 150 performers, 10 stages, and the most incredible experience you'll ever encounter in the middle of Tennessee.


The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival takes place in an enormous 700-acre field -- nicknamed "The Farm" -- in Manchester, Tennessee. Festival-goers from all over the country fly, drive, or walk into the festival to experience 4 days of music, activities, and food. This past weekend was my first time going, and I can without a doubt say that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. One of Bonnaroo's common sayings is "Radiate Positivity," and the 4 days spent there are factual evidence of the saying. At Bonnaroo, there is no stress, no worry, and not a care in the world. People of all kinds come together each year to celebrate life, love, and music without judgment. Each person's authenticity was something I noticed as soon as I stepped foot into the festival.

You can embrace your true self without apology. Each person is there to lift you up, too.

The atmosphere is much different than anything else I have experienced before. Even when my friends and I felt tired, or if the sun was just too hot to bear, we still did not mind being on our feet for hours on end. We enjoyed being exactly where we were, despite the minor inconveniences we may have faced -- like sitting in 5-hour traffic to get into the campground! I may sound crazy for saying this, but time truly did slow down while we were on The Farm.

My friends and I pulled up to the campground at 6 a.m. on Thursday morning as The Farm buzzed with people. We were too excited to go to sleep, so we spent the morning exploring the place instead. Day or night, everyone was alive with smiles that were contagious. We heard the words "Happy Roo!" from friends and strangers alike.

No matter where you came from, everyone was family at Bonnaroo.

One thing I noticed this past weekend was that everyone was there to help one another. If we needed help with setting up our tent, our neighbors who camped next to us were there to help in seconds. If someone tripped and fell, three people would be there to help the person up. If someone needed a few bucks for water, there was someone in line who was more than willing to cover the cost. I felt so at home there, as if I was a part of this community consisting of all types of people. I felt like I belonged there.

Alongside incredible people and a fulfilling community, there was stellar music as well (of course!). Headliners such as The Lumineers, Post Malone, and Kacey Musgraves rocked The Farm with new and old hits that hyped up the crowds.

Each performer reminded us that Bonnaroo is a safe place and does not discriminate against any person.

Hearing these words so often gave me so much hope for this world and the changes we can make. Bonnaroo is known as a Music and Arts Festival for a reason because it also promotes and sells eco-friendly living and handmade creations all throughout the festival. The activities that are available to attendees set the festival apart from other music festivals.

Bonnaroo connects us all through music, acceptance, and love. I can't wait to go back next summer!

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