10 FemTech Startups to Watch Worldwide
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10 FemTech Startups to Watch Worldwide

Females are making a splash in the tech industry

10 FemTech Startups to Watch Worldwide

Throughout history, women's health needs have been largely threatened or ignored. Menstruation, fertility, breastfeeding, and other women's health topics are often stigmatized or dismissed, leading to confusion or shame around these issues. Fortunately, all that's changing.

As more women become entrepreneurs and draw attention to these female-specific health concerns, companies are beginning to create products and technology that cater to them. This segment of the global economy, known as "FemTech" is growing every year. The space is also growing to include women-specific companies addressing inequality, climate change, and more.

While there are countless exciting FemTech companies emerging all over the world, some are making more buzz than others. Here are 10 to watch in this space.

The Organic Project

Period poverty is a little-known issue affecting countless women all over the world. Essentially, women who do not have money or access to sanitary supplies and safe toilets are said to be living with period poverty. Stigma and other issues make the problem even worse, causing some girls to miss school during their periods and menstruating women to develop health problems.

The Organic Project, a Massachusetts-based company in the United States, is on a mission to fight period poverty while offering sustainable, eco-friendly, organic period products. Their biodegradable product line supports the charitable work they do, donating products to schools for girls who cannot afford pads and tampons.

The Cosmos

FemTech companies are often most concerned about physical health for women, but The Cosmos is different. According to their website, it is "a space for Asian womxn to care for themselves, their community, and their world."

It was designed to connect women in the Asian community offline, leveraging technology to offer authentic community experiences and content. It's a space where creators can be themselves!


Another feminine care brand, Lola's product line includes customizable period care boxes, subscriptions, and sexual health supplies made from safe and natural ingredients. Lola simplifies and streamlines period supplies, recognizing that no two women have exactly the same needs. They even offer a First Period Kit for young women who have just started menstruating, offering supplies and trusted information.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields are notorious for employing very few women. Unfortunately, girls are taught from a young age the false concept that boys and men are just naturally better at these subjects than girls and women.

Debbie Sterling started Goldieblox to change that. Her line of engineering toys for girls is intended to get young girls excited about the subject from a young age. Her company continues to do critical work in closing the gender gap and breaking down gender stereotypes.

Backstage Capital

Although women all over the world have great business ideas and the ability to bring those ideas to life, less than 10% of venture capital investments are given to women, people of color, and those in the LGBTQ community. Backstage Capital was created to bring those projects to life and support diverse entrepreneurship. To date, they've supported more than 150 companies with founders in these groups!

Women Caring for the Land

A network for women who love nature and want to preserve the environment, Women Caring for the Land is all about sustainability, wellness, and women's health. It's a community where women can connect and share thoughts and ideas for a healthier planet and healthier lives!


For many people around the globe, it is difficult or even impossible to get a loan or access to credit. Tala offers small loans ($10-500) through an accessible smartphone app to people who have no formal credit history. It's a product that helps to give people a chance to create new opportunities in their lives and is built on ethical values.

My Personal Therapeutics

Dealing with cancer is emotionally and physically difficult. My Personal Therapeutics is working to make the process more personalized and effective for patients by using advanced technology to inform treatment plans.

Using a Personal Discovery Process (PDP) that is described as "effectively a massive clinical trial for a single patient" by using fruit avatars to map the patient's tumor and evaluate FDA-approved drugs. Using this method, the company can find drug combinations that will be most effective in treating the patient's tumor.


Not all FemTech companies have to be focused on saving the world. Some are just fun! Ceek is a female-founded virtual reality (VR) company with the goal of bringing the immersive experience of VR to all. It's a fun and exciting company that's tapping into all the potential VR has to offer for entertainment!

Lets Bab

A truly unique shopping experience, the Lets Bab app allows you to share your favorite buys with friends and turns you into an instant influencer. When friends buy the products you share with them, you can get paid and either keep, share, or donate the money. It's a great way to earn money or support a cause you believe in while sharing great products with friends!

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