Beyonce, also known as the Queen Bee, makes songs for every occasion. Breakups, close friends, and even if you need a confidence booster - there's a song for that.

1. Mine

Because sometimes that special someone is all you're asking for.

2. Me, Myself and I

From now on, be your own best friend.

3. Best Thing I Never Had

Not all breakups are bad, and sometimes you're better off without some people. This song can help us all try to find the good in goodbye.

4. Why Don't You Love Me?

Because some people just need to see your worth according to you.

5. Freakum Dress

Sometimes when he's acting up you just have to pull out that dress...

6. Upgrade U

What's a man without a good woman by his side?

7. Party

Picture this: it's summertime, you're with your girlfriends getting ready to go out and this comes on your speakers. You're welcome.

8. Sorry

We are NOT sorry. At all.

9. Grown Woman

If you ever need to remind yourself that you're grown and nobody can tell you anything - Grown Woman can help anybody remember who they are.

10. Who Run the World (Girls)

Girls run the world, but we know that, though.