I know in the world of tv and movies, being an intern means making coffee runs for bosses and other full-time employees as well as being underappreciated.

Thankfully, during my internship this summer I have experienced none of those things. Instead, I have learned new skills, improved upon skills I already possess, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I am an intern at a literary magazine and could not be happier. My supervisors have been very relaxed and helpful. They want this to be a great experience and want me to succeed.

I believe my fellow interns would agree that we are lucky. This internship has given us a chance to read submissions to the magazine, learn how to use a database to catalog information, work on our web-designing skills, create flyers and other graphics, edit submissions, participate in a live reading series, and many other opportunities.

When I first received this internship, I pictured possibly being bored all day and having to make coffee runs as depicted in tv and movies. Of course, I held out hope that this was not the case and was correct!

My supervisors appreciate the work I do for them and converse with the interns in a very respectful and friendly manner.

This internship is giving me the opportunity to see whether or not an editorial position like this is what I want to obtain after college. I have wanted to work in publishing for quite some time now and was excited for the opportunity to experience the typical day at a real publishing company.

I have had a wonderful time so far working as an intern for a literary magazine (and it is only the beginning of summer still!) I am looking forward to continuing this experience and learning all that I can.

So remember, an internship should not be going on coffee runs all the time and being disrespected. It should be a good opportunity to learn, grow, and gain experience in your field of interest!