Your feelings are valid.

Don't let anyone tell you different and stop telling yourself differently because I know you are.

When you are going through something tough and you're upset about it let yourself feel that it's the first step in coping with it.

Just because your life-altering crisis isn't comparable to someone else's doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel it.

Think of it like this, are you not going to celebrating getting accepted into nursing school because someone else in the world just one the lottery?

No, because that would be ridiculous!

Your hard work and someone else's good luck do not correlate at all, so why do you let yourselves think it does when the situation is negative?

Because you're a good person and you care about other people, but it's time you start caring about yourself.

Let yourself care about yourself, feel pain, have a breakdown if you need to and then move on.

The longer you spend suppressing what's really bothering you, the longer it will take you to really get over something.

People aren't meant to sit and sorrow for days on end, but we're also not meant to be plagued the rest of our lives over something we should have dealt with years prior.

We end up carrying all this unnecessary baggage around with us when we don't let ourselves properly handle something and feel what we were supposed to feel when we were supposed to feel it.

Understanding that your feelings are valid, no matter what they are, and allowing yourself to feel them will save you loads of heartache in the future.

You shouldn't compare your tragedies to someone else's tragedies the same was you shouldn't compare your successes to someone else's.

The sooner you let yourself feel the hard things, the sooner you won't have to feel them anymore.