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9 Young Adult Books Coming Out In 2019

This New Year, let us read more books!


Every year, thousands of books come out, and 2019 is the same. This New Years instead of doing the weight control lets read books!

1. "Again, But Better"

This is by Christine Riccio and is expected to come out May 7, 2019. This book seems to truly be one of the kinds of books where you kind of think the main character is an interesting person. This book talks about how Shane, the main character, has a perfect life with good grades and amazing friends. However, in order to spice up her boringness, she signs up for a study abroad trip where she wants tonight all of her wrings. It is definitely going to be an interesting read, to see how far she goes to spice up her amazing life.

2. All the Walls of Belfast

Need a good love story read? Here it is. With Fiona and Danny separated at birth, will they be able to come back together once the stars align and bring them back? This will defiantly be this book I will be reading with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate and a blanket. This seems like such a page turner with the simple fact of how once fate brings these two back together, will they actually stay together. This is by Sarah J. Carlson and it is expected to come out on March 12,2019.

3. No Place Like Here

Want a book that relates with you a lot? Well if you are kind of shy, a planner and a positive person, then here is your book! Ashlyn, the main character, has her life turned upside down just when she is excited to go see her family once school is over. With a serious of twists and turns and getting to know people she has never even heard of, will she be able to cope? Well, there is one way to find out, and that is by reading this book by Christina June on May 21,

4. If Your Out There

Okay, so we all have our books where the best friend leaves, but they still end up in a happily ever after. Right? Well, if yu like the first part, but not the second then here is your book. This book has the story of a girl named Zan, whose best friends moves away, and then basically falls of the face of the earth. Hearing nothing from her friends, she begins to worry while others think she has become crazy. But when she meets Logan her insecurities are all released and she begins to open up and starts the quest to find her friend. Yeahs, it still has the happy ending, but in a fun way! This comes out on May 5,2019 and is by Katie Loutzenhiser.

5. The Beautiful 

Love vampires? Can never get enough of them? Then here is the perfect book for you! After a long time, Renee Ahdieh takes the bold step to bring them back to life. With the story set in New Orleans, Cecline Rousseau escapes her life in Paris, and falls in love with the city. From the food to the lights, everything about it, including the danger, excites her. This book comes out on October 8, 2019.

6. We Walked The Sky

A sweet and loving story of Victoria who joined the circus to escape her family, and then her granddaughter, Callie, does the same. With the dream to be in the circus like her grandmother, Callie is devastated when her mother's job forces them to move to Florida. However, Callie uses notes about tips to get through the world from her grandmother, to go through, move on from her death and get through high school. This book is a beautiful story and not one that you would see every day. It delivers hope and happiness all in one piece. This heartwarming tale comes out on July 2, 2019, and it is by Lisa Fielder.

7. The Virtue Of Sin

Need to break- free or learn how to be empowering? Well here is your novel of the year. As a child, Miriam was always told to be quite, but when to was time to get married, and she is stuck with someone else, Miriam speaks out. She questions all that has been put in front of her. This is definitely a book that seems to be the one that will empower many for the better, This novel come out on June 25, 2019 and it is by Shannon Schuren.

8. The Griefkeeper

Faith, healing and freedom, all things that everyone is entitled to, but when Marisol has to flee with her siste across the border eveything changes. She had always dreamed of being a free American, but now she was an illegal, and her life was turned upside down. He brother was dead, and her mother was in hiding and all she can blame for this is herself. This book truly shows the issues that we have today but in such a way that at the end it shows a simple tale. This book come out on June 11. 2019 and is by Alexandra Villasante.

9. Our Year Of Maybe

Coming out on January 15, 2019 by Rachel Lynn Solomon, start your new year with this book of love. Sophie donated her kidney to her love Peter in hopes of him loving her back like she did to him, but after the surgery, he is not in love with her. He is in love with someone else. After learning this, both Sophie and Peter think if their friendship is worth fighting for. Read this novel to find out how they end up.

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