Meet Anitta, The Next Rising Star To Dominate The US In 2019
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Meet Anitta, The Next Rising Star To Dominate The US In 2019

Get ready for the next Latin takeover.

Meet Anitta, The Next Rising Star To Dominate The US In 2019

We've had so many artists cross over into mainstream music in 2018 this year. We've had new artists emerge on the scene and have made their mark in the mainstream with great success. However, there are more artists the US hasn't heard yet that are getting ready to take over the charts. One artist, in particular, is getting ready to take over America.

Meet Anitta

Born and raised in Rio De Janeiro, Larissa Macedo Machado came from humble beginnings and wanted to be a singer since she was eight years old. At eleven, she took English classes with the money she saved from her allowance and enrolled in dance classes with the goal of training herself for the music industry. She performed her first song on stage on a Brazilian music competition show in 2011 at eighteen and within a year she releasing singles that became popular in Brazil. 2013 was the year she signed with Warner Music Group, released her debut self titled album, and released her first music video that became the most watched video in Brazil that year. Anitta had accomplished so much that she saw that she was ready to take on the rest of the world and step out into the world mainstage.

In the last two years, Anitta has become popular in Latin music when she began collaborating with well-known artists in the industry such as J Balvin and Maluma. She has the ability to sing in Portugues, Spanish, and English. She also expanded on a global sphere with her collaboration with Major Lazer on their album for the song "Sau Cara". But the train didn't stop there, Anitta was ready to break barriers and enter the English market. She was signed to Shots Studios management team who are notable for signing artists such as Rudy Mancuso and Lele Pons. They saw the potential in Anitta and were fully supportive of the talent she had. She teamed up with Pooh Bear and Alesso for her first English tracks, Will I see You and Is That For Me.

Anitta & J Balvin - Downtown (Official Music Video)

Anitta - Paradinha (Official Music Video)

2018 has been an even bigger year for Anitta. She premiered the first-ever live music video on Youtube for her song Indecente. She also collaborated with J Balvin again on his song Machika for his new album this past year. She embarked on her EP project, Solo, a tri-lingual album that had her singing in three languages and not only that, she released three music videos for each one with underlying messages within them about passionate love, female empowerment, and loving who you want regardless of what the norm says. You can actually see the journey of it all through her Netflix documentary series, Vai Anitta, which released on the platform last month. She's also received many accolades this year as well. She's won a Latin American Music Award for her song Medicina and was nominated for two Latin Grammy's for her collaborations this past year.

1. Anitta - Não Perco Meu Tempo (Official Music Video)

Nao Perco Meu Tempo translates into "Don't Waste Her Time" shows off Portuguese roots. The video shows her trying to find a match with somebody. She's seen going through a speed dating sessions with both men and women of all colors and races. The message of the video simply says that love is hard to find but also their shouldn't be restricts on who it can be with.

2. Anitta - Goals (Official Music Video)

The English track was produced by Pharrell Williams. Anitta is dawned in a shear glitter body suit and dancing like no nobody's watching. The lyrics tell the tell tales women go through with their insecurities and finding the confidence in themselves. In the end. women are their own goals whatever they may be.

3. Anitta - Veneno (Official Music Video)

On of my favorites off the EP, Veneno translate into Poison whih you can probably guess with the snakes. The video gives off Medusa meets Queen of the Damned combined with the dance styles reminding you of Shakira with her own flavor mixed with it. The song translates into her being in a relationship so passionate that it's almost near intoxicating. In the moment in love, she also makes it clear that if you do her wrong, she will make you regret it and she will be your poison.

Anitta is different from other new artists. She knows the playbook of the new age of music and she breaks the rules set by the industry and makes her own. She's proven that region, race, and language is no barrier. 2019 is set to be a huge year for Anitta musically and professionally. She has a major collaboration set for release next year with producing legend DJ Khaled, Pop Icon Madonna, Rita Ora, Camilla Cabello, and even a rumored Drake collaboration. 2019 is definitely set to be The Year of Anitta.

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