Many people think that everyone leaves from their college towns in the summertime, but that is not necessarily true. I spent the past summer in Eugene and I had a really enjoyable time. The town goes from very high energy to very overall relaxed, which I really enjoyed. Also, the Eugene summer weather is incredible because it is not too hot, but it stays warm all throughout the day and night.

One of my favorite parts about the limited number of people staying here during summer is being able to take summer classes with smaller class sizes. It makes it easier to focus and you get more help from the professor's because they have a lot fewer students to take care of. Summer classes also can help you get ahead and make it so you don't have to take as many classes during the school year which can help to balance out schedules.

People may think that Eugene is boring during the summertime, but there are actually a ton of things that you can do that you really can't do during the school year, for example going to the river and spending time outside exploring the city. Since it is not raining during the summer, it gives you time to be outside. There are also a ton of summer concerts outside, which are much more enjoyable during the warm weather.

People may think that living in your college town during summers isn't worth it, but I love it and will continue to live here through this summer because I understand the perks of it. So if you are feeling nervous about taking summer classes or staying here, just know it can be a lot nicer than during the school year and just try to enjoy it.