20 Complaints On Why Airplane Travel Is The Worst
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20 Complaints On Why Airplane Travel Is The Worst

This plane doesn't even have a phalange.

20 Complaints On Why Airplane Travel Is The Worst
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They may in fact be the most seemingly-efficient way to travel, the fastest, and the most convenient. That is, until you partake in the travels more often, and the list of frustrations only grows. Don't get me wrong, flying is some super technology and advancement in traveling. And I totally understand that it's incredible to watch a movie while thousands of feet in the air going to see your uncle that decided to move to Australia for a week, and if it wasn't for flying I definitely wouldn't have the opportunity or patience to attend a school on the opposite end of the country. All I'm saying is, we all gotta complain once in a while, I just get to do it for all of you. And of course, as expected, there will be some "Bridesmaids" clips.

1. Maybe because I'm significantly under the average height, but the air vent is ALWAYS too far out of reach. So I'm freezing, or dying, with no way to adjust unless my arm comes out of its socket and I use it as an extension. And of course, there's someone else's air on that makes you freeze the entire flight as well, with nothing you can do about it.

2. Most problems occur due to arrogant passengers. Like when its a night flight, possibly even four in the morning, and they keep their overhead light on to read. I may be nuts, but this even bothers me six rows up. Just sleep, you J.K. Rowling wanna be eighth grader.

3. Every time I swallow for the flight -- and even into the next century -- my ears are popping like I'm a dolphin with sonar communication going through my head.

4. I always get the one TV that doesn't work properly. Relate, my unlucky people: my earphones don't work, a channel won't come through that the person next to me is watching. All of it. Last flight my headphones wouldn't work until I wrapped them around my arm rest and tied them in an upward direction. And you best believe I did it, the guy next to me however didn't, and wasn't too pleased with no arm rest.

5. You fall asleep on your arm rest and your hand slips out from under you and you jerk awake in full embarrassment. And you pray no one saw you seizing while waking up.

6. The person next to you "casually" brushes against you/touches your arm/any contact consciously or unconsciously. Never ever a comfortable situation. Ever.

7. The flight attendants are rude.

8. You had way too much to drink at the airport/on the plane and now you're regretting your excitement for the window seat and both people to your right are seemingly dead in the chairs.

9. You have to sit through the safety instructions, again, and you know them so well you debate getting in the aisle and displaying them yourself.

10. You just decided that now would be a perfect time to go to the bathroom, since you've waited until the last possible second to go before bursting, and the plane is about to land or there's turbulence.

11. Each time you get up there's already three people waiting to use the bathroom.

12. When you actually get in the bathroom and there's turbulence. Absolutely terrifying. And to think the plane could be crashing while you're in a two-by-four bathroom.

13. The typical crying child through the three hour flight.

14. The mom that lets her child play games/movies on their iPad out loud.

15. You sit anywhere in the vicinity of someone who is clearly terrified of flying or it's their first time.

16. The passenger next to you won't stop trying to create small talk, no matter how many times you take out and put in your headphones.

17. The two women behind you are discussing their chili recipes so loudly you can't help but build up rage while listening. Or anyone having a random and weird conversation out loud. But it's not yet socially acceptable to express those kind of built-up feelings in public.

18. Someone brings anything on the plane that smells. It's too small. Too compacted. Whether it's your sandwich, your weird soup, yourself. Fix it now.

19. Someone in front of you swiped their car for the $21.99 movie and you refuse to take anything less so you watch it without sound thinking you know the dialogue but it just slowly eats away at your frustration and lack of pointless spending money.

20. There is no TV to begin with. Why. Every plane has Wi-Fi now, even though it's a total lie, but it's not a requirement to give me a movie choice or two on this six hour flight? This is 2016, people. All coach is asking for is a small screen, even between every few rows. Something.

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