It is so easy to be mean. It is so easy to get so wrapped up in your own life, problems, and busy schedule that you forget that other people are also dealing with their own issues. If you are guilty of being a little mean (sometimes) then maybe this post is for you. Here are eight easy ways to be a nicer person.

Make an effort to smile.

This is something that is super simple, smile at the person who is walking past you on the street, the older people at the stores, and maybe even people that you see in class. That one girl that was in your BIO lab like four years ago... smile at her.

Not only is this a mood booster for you, but it can also make people feel noticed and as people recognize them out of the masses. You also look super happy and friendly and more people are likely to strike up a conversation with you.

Listen to comprehend.

This is one of those rules that I think that everyone should follow no matter what because if people listened to understand there would be WAY less confusion in the world. When someone is speaking in class, in passing, whenever, listen to them because they may be saying something super awesome. People will think that you are the nicest person if you genuinely listen to what they have to say.

Try your best not to interrupt others when they are speaking.

I am so guilty of this, and to be honest, I am still working on not interrupting people. This is so important because you don't want other people to think that you don't care at all about what they are saying, and this could make someone in a group project stop talking forever because they feel like what they are saying isn't being found to be important.

moral: people say what they want to be heard, so listen.

Hold the door for people.

You're walking to class with a hot coffee in one hand, your phone in the other, and the person in front of you holds open the door, so think about how grateful you are for them... now think about what it would have felt like if they didn't hold it open... not so good. You should always, if possible, hold the door for people that are near to you.

Please and thank you.

"Remember please and thank you
'Cause they're the magic words
Use 'em in the morning, at noon and night
'Cause it's a great way to be polite
'Please and thank you'
They're the magic words"
-Please and Thank You: Barney

Other than the fact that the purple dinosaur has never lead me wrong, being polite is super nice, and you don't want to come across to anyone as someone who doesn't know the basics in being nice. Also if a toddler can say please and thank you... so can you.

Help them out.

if you see someone struggling with a million books, papers, cups, help them. This goes along with if you see someone drop things on the ground... help them and don't just stand there and stare at them for their embarrassment. I can tell you this, they are already embarrassed and you staring at them just makes you look bad for not helping.

But I also understand that sometimes you are unable to help in certain situations, and that is OK, but instead of staring at them, give an understanding glance and keep going.


Being compassionate is something that I have found that a lot of college-aged kids don't understand. Understanding that someone may have forgotten something important because of an emergency is a key mindset to have. Not everyone has a life like yours, and some people have it rough, let them catch a break.

Plus: if you offer to help them out they will be forever grateful.

Be conscious of your actions.

This is the most important way to be nicer to people. Be aware of when you are being mean when your actions are questionable, and when you are speaking without care.

Here's what this means: Gossip, when it's about someone, is mean. Cutting someone off in the fast lane and slamming on your breaks is mean. Purposely making someone feel bad about something they can't control is mean.

Think and reflect on these 8 things and with some work and practice you'll be nicer in no time.